Dust to Dust

dustingI like to believe that I keep a pretty clean house but there is one thing that I never think to do when I clean and that is dusting. I pick my clothes up off my floor, I wash the dishes, I wipe down surfaces and vacuum. I make my bed and generally straighten everything out but I never think to dust. Then, inevitably there comes a time when I notice the dust start to accumulate on surfaces and on the blades of my ceiling fan. When I see this it agitates me and makes me think I am really not doing as great a job as I thought keeping my house in tip top shape.

This is the reason I have made the decision to hire a maid service in Salt Lake City. I am tired of forgetting to dust and then reaching the point where I remember to dust by seeing dust. Once I dust, I in effect hit the reset button and everything goes back to normal. But I know in the back of my mind that the dust has already started to accumulate on all the surfaces. At first I am able to keep it safely tucked away in the back of my mind but inevitably one day I wake up and see dust everywhere. It makes me anxious and the only way to get rid of my anxiety is to dust like a crazy person until all the surfaces are clean and the whole cycle starts over again.

Hiring a cleaning service in Salt Lake City will take care of this problem once and for all. They will show up once a week or every other week and do all the little things (like dusting) that I never think to do until they smack me in the face. Once I hire the cleaning service I will not have the nagging pressure in the back of my mind because I know it will be taken care of.