A Sweet Savor Unto the Scentsy Customer

ScentsyWhen the early Hebrews offered their burnt offerings in the Temple of Solomon the biblical stories describe the smoke emitted from the charred animal sacrifice as a sweet savor unto the Lord. In other words the personification of the divine as depicted in the Old Testament found the scent produced by the burnt offering to be physically pleasing. In a similar way a sales consultant who has made the commitment to join Scentsy offers up a sweet savor unto every Scentsy customer to whom they sell the amazing panoply of Scentsy products.


There is a logic to this somewhat surprisingly apt metaphor. There are three parties to the ritual, animal sacrifice performed in the Hebrew temple. First there is the worshiper who purchases the animal to be sacrificed and brings it to the temple. Second there is the temple priest who performs the sacrifice according to the correct procedure and acts as an intermediary between the worshiper and the divinity to whom the sacrifice is being made. Finally there is the divinity Himself who receives the sacrifice. Similarly, there are three parallel parties to the Scentsy sales transaction. First there is the Scentsy corporation who makes the amazing panoply of Scentsy products. This party is like the worshiper in that it gives the product to the intermediary. Second there is the sales consultant who did join Scentsy in order to act as the intermediary between Scentsy and the customer much like the Hebrew priest. Third, there is the Scentsy customer who receives the sweet savor unto himself in the form of the fragrance emitted by the Scentsy product.


It is no act of blasphemy to compare a Scentsy customer to the Hebrew divinity. This is true because the analogy was intended for explanatory purposes only. Clearly, for one to commit an act of blasphemy the intent to do so must be present and accompany the act itself.

Is a Cleaning Service Worth the Price?

Copyright Eliot Cohen - Zeitgeist Photography email: eliot@zeitgeist.com.au
Copyright Eliot Cohen – Zeitgeist Photography
email: eliot@zeitgeist.com.au

Pretty soon after the cleaning service Vancouver cleans my town house it returns to its standard state of messiness and disorder. I hate to blame them but my wife, two daughters and two dogs seem to create more mess then they remedy. My wife leaves her clothes lying around. My daughters prepare food and get crumbs all over the counter. Then they leave dishes on the coffee table. The dogs are constantly shedding hair and dander and putting smudge marks on the sliding glass door. This gives rise to the question as to whether it is worth it to pay for the cleaning service.


I suppose it could be argued that if I did not pay for the house cleaning Vancouver to come to my town house every two weeks that the mess would just compound upon itself. Accordingly, by allowing the mess to compound this state of affairs would continue to develop into an untenable situation. On the other hand, my wife, daughters, dogs and I did exist for a long period of time prior to hiring the cleaning service Vancouver where we did the best we could to stay on top of the cleaning and during that time it never got to the untenable situation point I spoke of.


Perhaps the benefit of hiring a maid service Vancouver is that it takes some of the mental pressure off of me. The mere knowledge that every two weeks the reset button will be pushed and my town house will return to a state of cleanliness allows me to not have to worry and stress about the messiness that may or may not exist at any given point in time. In other words when I see a mess I do not have to think about how if I do not clean it up I will either have to harass someone else to clean it up or it will simply never get done. All in all the answer to the question seems to be that it is worth it to pay for the cleaning service.

The War Against Entropy

FloodWhat more can be said about the benefits of hiring a house cleaning Vancouver service to clean a house that would otherwise be left uncleansed? Is it not axiomatic that a house gradually progresses from a state of cleanliness towards a state of uncleanliness if no action is taken to clean it by the home owner? Who can deny that all things whether they are clean houses or the planets and stars in the sky always devolve towards a state of entropy if no action is taken to halt this progression?


True, we fight a loosing battle in this war against entropy. There is nothing we can do as constituent parts of this decaying universe to halt the ultimate entropic state towards which we all ultimately travel. The best we can do is create a small eddy in the vast river of existence. Moreover, we must come to terms with this reality because it is reality and reality cannot be ignored without incurring a negative impact at some point down the time line.


The best we can do is exactly what we will do. That is, we will stand proud on a mountaintop declaring our intent to not go quietly into to that good night. No, we will hire a house cleaning Vancouver service and by doing so we will stand boldly and defiantly against inexorable odds. We are like the light brigade which charged to meet their fate in the Crimea. We are the three hundred Spartans facing legions of invading Persians. Ultimately we will not win the day but nor can it be said that we surrendered. We lived our lives as free men in a house cleaned bi-weekly and we were proud to say that we would not have chosen to live any other way. We would not change a thing.