Avoiding Water Damage to Personal Possessions

FloodChapter 6, Verse 5 of the Old Testament Book of Genesis describes how God witnessed man’s wickedness. Observing this wickedness caused God to regret having created man in the first place. One might rightly inquire as to how an all powerful and perfect divinity would put itself in the position of having regretted making a creation that did not properly live up to its expectations. That inquiry is not answered within the Book of Genesis to anyone’s satisfaction. However, many have posited that it is God’s decision to endow man with free will that allowed for this undesirable outcome. Nevertheless, God found Himself in this position and he had to deal with it in some manner.

The manner in which He chose to deal with it was to destroy the men of his creation through a world wide flood. There is no doubt that this flood caused uncountable water damage Utah all across the earth. There was of course one man and his family whom God chose to escape this destruction. That man was of course the patriarch named Noah. God instructed Noah as to how to built the giant floating vessel known to us as the ark. This ark was intended to house Noah, his family as well as a representative sampling of all the animals inhabiting the world. It seems difficult to imagine that two of each species was able to fit into the ark. Obviously, there is no need to include the aquatic species but even without them it seems to be a difficult if not impossible task.

Be that as it may, according to the story, Noah does build the ark and populate it with his family and two of every living animal. Once inside the ark the rains began to fall and the flood covered the face of the earth. Safe aboard the ark, Noah and the others were able to avoid certain death as well as sustaining water damage Utah to the personal possessions they were able to secure aboard the ark.