Musing While Walking Along a Gurgling Stream

streamAs the days grow darker and colder I find my mind turning inward. I go for walks amidst the cold wind and the falling leaves. I look up and see the branches bare and stark against the pale blue sky. With my hands in my pockets and my chin pressed into my breast my philosophical view of the world is stoic. There is a small stream running along the path I typically find myself walking. On a normal day I can hear the water churn and gurgle through the rocks and sticks in the channel. The water keeps pushing its way through day after day. Eventually it inflicts enough water damage Utah to break up the sticks and push them aside. I observe its progress daily when I walk past.

Sometimes I think about how long this water will continue to flow. I ask myself if there will ever be a day when the water stops flowing along its path. I am sure when that day arrives I will no longer be walking this route. There will be many days in between that day and today. There will be much water damage Utah inflicted upon the sticks and rocks in the stream. The stream itself might even change course between then and now.

Of course if I think along these lines for an extended period of time my thoughts eventually begin to ask me what its all about and whether there is any meaning to it all. From my daily perspective this stream seems eternal. It was there yesterday, the water flows today and I have no doubt that it will be flowing tomorrow. But someday it will stop flowing and so will I. The day after, I do not know if I will have any sense of myself or if the lights will be turned out for good.