The Inevitable Finish Line

drum2Sometimes when I walk along a gurgling stream I tend to think about appliances designed to produce heat. A drum heater is an example of just such an appliance. The loyal readers of the Home AUVI Blog know that this type of appliance can also be called a band heater, a barrel heater, a container heater or a canister heater. This appliance can be used to reduce the viscosity of various liquids and gels by heating them in order to fill, pump or bottle the respective liquid. It is also used to prevent liquids from freezing while inside the drum. There are many types of liquids these appliances are designed to heat including but not limited to tar, varnish, resin, grease, chocolate and or galantine. These appliances are available for drums capable of holding between twenty and two hundred and twenty liters.

All these thoughts swirl in my head much like the water swirling in the eddies of the gurgling stream I walk along. Sometimes there is a chill to the air. This causes my body to become cold. When I enter this state of mind I find myself fantasizing about climbing into a drum heated by a drum heater. I picture myself curled up in a ball inside the drum like a fetus in a womb. Inside this protective shell my chattering mind begins to slow and eventually quiet down.

This is why I walk along side the gurgling stream. The world is too hectic and the burden of worry and thought begins to drag me down and exhaust me. My existence becomes a wearying and toilsome affair. I wonder what it will be like to shed this ego shell that I have inhabited for the past forty-five years of life. The thought of shedding my ego is scary but this is a finish line I know I will cross at some point.