Aussie Plum Scentsy Bar

ScentsyYou are cordially invited to join Scentsy. When you become a Scentsy sales consultant you will enjoy the exquisite privilege of selling the Aussie Plum Scentsy Bar. You will know perfectly well why I say it is a privilege to sell this product once you inhale its sublime vapors. The product description relates that the scent is a “[m]elange of juicy plum, pink grapefruit, and tart pomegranate with smooth vanilla.” But I do not believe this mere collection of words does the actual experience any justice. Of course in this article I can only provide an additional collection of words to express how wonderful I believe this product to be. Truly no collection of words can come close to duplicating the gnosis of nasal ecstasy the Aussi Plum Scentsy Bar will invoke.


When I think of the mysterious and exotic continent of Australia many distinct images come to mind. Of course I see cuddly Koala bears sitting in trees munching on eucalyptus leaves. There is also the playful kangaroo hopping through the outback with a joey in its pouch. There is the Great Barrier Reef with all its colorful, underwater glory. I see thousands of miles of beaches with surfers lying on beach towels drinking a large can of Fosters beer. I see the mysterious Ayers Rock in the center of the continent and lanky, dark aborigines going forth on a walkabout. A duckbilled platypus waddles past followed by a dingo and a wallaby all the while I hear the serene hum of a diggery doo playing in the background. These are the down under images that come to mind when I smell the Aussie Plum Scentsy Bar.
Again, I can only provide a collection of words. But when you join Scentsy and are able to smell the Aussie Plum Scentsy Bar you will then know what I am trying to express.