Your Home as it Relates to Auto Body Repair Salt Lake City

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BrainAnd now we tackle the most serious subject of how your home relates to auto body repair Salt Lake City. To some of the Home AUVI readers the initial sentence to this blog post might not make sense. For one thing, by all appearances it does not seem to be grammatically correct. For another, there is no obvious reason as to why a home might relate to auto body repar (let alone this type of repair in the specific locale of Salt Lake City). Moreover, one might reasonably wonder why this subject (if indeed it is a coherent subject) is of any importance whatsoever.


Obviously these are all reasonable inquiries for the reader of this blog post to make. Frankly, I the author would like some clarification as to these inquiries as well. The unfortunate reality in this situation is that although we all would very much like some insight into these questions more often than not no answers are readily forthcoming. But if we allow ourselves the time and freedom to ponder and sit with this reality we might arrive at a location of acceptance. That is, we must learn to accept the fact that reality is a mystery.

Now I fully understand that this assertion will not be satisfactory to the bulk of the Home AUVI Blog readers. On the surface level we long for a certainty as to the nature of reality. We want the world to make sense in other words. But here lies one of the noble truths that the Buddha articualted so long ago. Life is suffering. When he articulated this truth he did not necessarily mean physical suffering (although that is certainly a part of it). No what he meant by this is that within the state of our present existence there will always be a gulf between what we want to experience and what we actually do experience.