Bamboo Yuzu

ScentsyWhen you join Scentsy you will become free to imagine a Japanese garden as you breathe in dewy bamboo, a tranquil lotus flower and fresh yuzu with hints of sage. All people familiar with Scentsy and its products will readily recognize this language as the description of the “Bamboo Yuzu” Scentsy bar. Not that someone who has not joined Scentsy would not be free to imagine being in a Japanese garden breathing in the scent of dewy bamboo, tranquil lotus flowers along with fresh yuzu and hints of sage. It is just that once someone has joined Scentsy they will have been exposed to this and many other wonderful scents that Scentsy purveys.


Once you make the decision to join Scentsy and start experiencing these scents on a daily basis your ability to imagine the scenes these scents suggest will begin to develop. It is easy enough to smell a chocolate scent and imagine a slice of chocolate cake sitting on a plate. However, it is quite another thing to smell “Bamboo Yuzu” and imagine the complex set of circumstances evoked by this exotic aroma. Many people living in the western hemisphere probably have never experienced what it is like to actually stroll through a Japanese garden. As such it might be difficult to pull forth this specific imagined scene simply by smelling the Bamboo Yuzu Scentsy bar. Be that as it may, believe me when I say that once you begin to expose yourself to this scent on a regular basis the scene of a Japanese garden will begin to materialize within your mind’s eye. As it begins to materialize, the dewy bamboo, the tranquil lotus flower, the fresh yuzu and even the hint of sage will be soon to follow. This is just one of the many fabulous scent experiences that Scentsy has to offer.