Brazilian Grapes Scentsy Bar

ScentsyJoin Scentsy and learn the secrets of the Brazilian Grapes Scentsy Bar. This particular Scentsy Bar contains hints of bergamot zest, whiffs of grapevine, and wafts of sweet sugared lemon. Together these scents will weave an ever so soft and deliciously sweet fragrance. All of this is then deepened by an ever so subtle hint of savory, aged oak.

Once a person has fully committed to join Scentsy and transform themselves from an ordinary citizen into a fully fledged Scentsy sales consultant their lives will truly change from a mundane, drab existence to one of vitality and bright, beautiful colors and scents. The Brazilian Grapes Scentsy Bar will lead the way through this magic portal.

Few people who have not traversed this portal can truly appreciate what lies on the other side. In a sense it defies reason to even attempt to describe the indescribable which is the intent of this piece. Nor can a mere three hundred words do justice to the description of this infinitely complex subject matter.

The only way to truly know what lies on the other side of the portal is to actually go through the portal and see for yourself. This statement is easier written than actually accomplished. But like all goals worth accomplishing in this existence it requires an effort of the will, the mustering of personal courage and a certain faith that all will turn out as it should in the end.

Those of us who have joined Scentsy exist in the bliss on the other side of the portal. We try not to judge those of you who live in a state of ignorance on the other side. We know perfectly well that you simply do not know better because you have not experienced what we have experienced. Accordingly you cannot know what we know in your present state.