Choose Housing Wisely

traditional-patioThe choice of where to live when a student is considering the options within the Weber State housing system need not be a difficult one. Certainly there are many factors to consider in order to make sure that the choice which is ultimately settled upon is the correct one. For example many students desire housing that is located close to the Weber State campus. This is understandable as a close location means less time spent commuting back and forth to campus. Moreover housing close in proximity to the Weber State campus is safer than a living space located farther away especially when walking home at night from campus when it is dark.


Another factor often considered by students when considering the many options within the Weber State housing system is who they choose to live with. In order to insure a harmonious undergraduate experience it is very important to choose a roommate (or apartment mate) who is a good fit personality-wise. This is true because when roommates do not get along the negative situation always has an effect on every aspect of the student’s life. For example if roommates are not getting along it will probably be difficult to study within the tense atmosphere that this will inevitably create in the living space. Furthermore, when two roommates are having a clash of personalities they are less likely to have guests over thus negatively impacting their personal and social lives.


Finally, another important factor to consider is that the choice of housing will last typically for an entire year as this is the typical length of most lease agreements. Accordingly, whatever problems are created within the confines of a roommate situation will last until the lease expires. For this very reason it is extremely important to make housing decisions with the utmost care.