Creating a Distraction Free Workspace for Your Home Based Business

If you join Scentsy or operate any home based business you would do well to minimize your distractions so that you can better devote your energy to your daily business related tasks. By definition, a distraction is something that divides attention or prevents concentration. Distractions can take many forms and can be anything from external noise to other people talking or trying to engage your attention. Even your own internal thought process can be distracting from time to time. There are many ways to avoid these types of distractions.

If you are working, organize your work station. I cannot emphasize enough howCopyright Eliot Cohen - Zeitgeist Photography
email: important it is to remove all clutter from your desk space. Studies have shown that physical clutter has a negative impact on the mind’s ability to maintain focus.

It is also extremely important to turn off all devices and access to the internet especially if you are working on a time sensitive project. It seems obvious to anyone with a smartphone but studies have also confirmed that the constant checking in on electronic devices eats up a large amount of time during the day and will deplete your ability to focus for extended periods of time.

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid annoying noise. I used to work in an office where the guy two cubicles over had the habit of constantly clearing his throat. It drove me crazy. One technique I used to block out this noise and create a distraction free environment was to employ white noise. White noise is a steady, unvarying, unobtrusive sound such as an electronic drone or the sound of rain that can be used to mask or obliterate unwanted sounds. There is a great, free website where you can listen through ear buds to white noise to your heart’s content to block out your annoying neighbors and other external noise, which will distract you.