For Men it is Best to Stay Away From Wedding Planning

If you are a man and involved in planning a wedding in Salt Lake City I feel for you. Unless you are the type of person who enjoys this type of thing, my advice to you is to fade into the background or if possible run away until the date of the wedding. With wedding planning there are a million little details to attend to and every decision is likely to make some person angry.


I was extremely lucky when I got married because my wife and her mother made all the preparations. We were both in school in Louisiana at the time. The date of the ceremony was set for August 1st. She went home to Pennsylvania at the beginning of the summer to work on the preparations while I remained safely many states away. Every night she called me complaining about how frustrated she was because her mother was getting so wound up by everything. In addition to her frustrations with her mother, there always seemed to be one person or another getting angry a
bout the various decisions she made. I never understood why so many people use weddings as an excuse to be angry or offended. I tried my best to be understanding during these phone calls but secretly I was glad to not be involved.

The summer wore on and a few days before the wedding I flew up from Louisiana to Pennsylvania and entered the fray. Everything seemed to be planned by then. I think my wife was a little annoyed that she had to go through all the planning while I was away. But the energy of the event was then upon us and the whole thing flew by quickly. Before I knew it we were on our honeymoon and the stress of the wedding planning was behind us.