Join Scentsy to Make the World a More Pleasant Smelling Place

ScentsyThere are many, many reasons why a person would want to join Scentsy. By far the most popular reason a person would want to join Scentsy is that they desire the flexibility and independence that a Scentsy sales consultant enjoys. There is no office to get up and go to every morning. Nor is there a supervisor looking over your shoulder making sure you are not playing solitaire in your cubicle when you should be writing TPS reports. When a person joins Scentsy they will not have an annoying, mumbling co-worker in the next cubicle obsession on his orange Swingline stapler. There is no creepy manager walking around the office with his coffee mug in hand. There are no meetings with the Bobs. Nor is there a fax machine that constantly claims to have a paper jam when there is no paper jam.


When a person makes the decision to join Scentsy, he or she will say good bye for good to all those unpleasant aspects of the corporate cubicle existence. Their time becomes their own and the profit they make is entirely dependent upon the amount of time they wish to spend selling the wonderful array of Scentsy products. Moreover, when a person makes that fateful decision to join the ranks of Scentsy they can rest easy in the knowledge that the work they perform literally makes the world a far better place and radically improves the quality of many people’s lives. This is true because a pleasant smelling world is a world of peace and harmony. Scentsy products are specifically designed to make the world a more pleasant smelling place and there is quite simply no end to the myriad of different ways the world can be made to smell more pleasant through the use of Scentsy products.