Memories of My Wedding Venue in Salt Lake City

wedding2I barely remember my own wedding. Of course I remember the wedding venue in Salt Lake City. My wife and I met in pre hurricane Katrina New Orleans where we were both law students. I moved there from New England; Connecticut specifically. She came from Salt Lake City which is why we decided to get married there. Looking back on it, it was sort of a rash decision on our parts to get married between our second and third years of law school. So much could have happened and we had only known each other for a year or so. But I suppose most people make these momentous life changing decisions without really planning them out as thoroughly as they think they should.

I remember my uncle talking to me in the back of the church before the ceremony. I remember him telling me that from this point forward I will have to put my wife first. He also said there will be days when I will want to throw her out the window but I have to remember to put her first if I wanted the marriage to succeed. I remember telling him that our family had many examples of good marriages that have withstood the test of time. I remember also saying something about how my father (his brother) had taught me about the importance of loyalty. He seemed taken aback and replied, “Loyalty is earned.”

As I said, I barely remember the rest of the ceremony. I do remember that the wedding venue in Salt Lake City my wife had picked out was a modern church with actual trees in planters behind the altar. She had the task of picking out the venue because I had a job in New Orleans and had to remain there for most of the summer. That was almost 18 years ago. We have certainly been through ups and downs in our relationship since that time. I do not see how I could have ever have been ready for most of it even if I did plan it more thoroughly than I had.