Operating a Home Based Business Gets Easier Over Time

If you have joined Scentsy or operate any home based business you may have noticed that settling into your routine took some time. This is because becoming comfortable with your routine requires your brain adapt through neuroplasticity. The term “neuroplasticity” describes the human brain’s ability to rewire itself and create new neural pathways and synapses in reaction to environmental and personal changes. This is also the process by which the brain can heal itself from injury. In other words, the brain is not static but constantly changing. Moreover, the brain acts very much like a muscle in how it responds to stimuli. And like the muscles of the body, your brain becomes stronger in variBrainous ways according to the way it is stimulated.

We are all familiar with the sensation of trying to remember a specific piece of information that previously resided in our conscious mind but has since receded out of the conscious mind. We remember knowing the information and we know the information still exists somewhere but in the present moment it cannot be accessed. During these moments there is some internal mechanism at work whereby the brain is attempting to access this information. I often picture this process as a man sitting in an office receiving an assignment to retrieve information. The man takes this assignment and proceeds into a large storeroom filled with filing cabinets from floor to ceiling. In this room the man finds and retrieves the information and then returns to his desk. At his desk he inputs the information into the system. It is at that point that you remember the information you were trying to retrieve.

When you feel your brain working to search for a memory, that feeling is one of neuroplasticity at work. Be aware of this sensation and do not let it frustrate you. It is in these moments, when you are searching, that your memory is working and becoming stronger. It is in these moments that you are stimulating your brain to become better at remembering. These moments are for your brain like lifting weights are for the muscles in your arms or legs. These are the moments when that man in who retrieves the information learns to become faster and more efficient at his job. Establishing and becoming comfortable with a new routine works in the same way. That uncomfortable period in the beginning is the sensation of your brain rewiring itself.