Rain Causes Water Damage Utah

streamIt is no secret that rain is composed of a molecule which in turn is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. This of course describes the water molecule. Obviously the water molecule is responsible for causing water damage Utah. Few people without a background in chemistry know the reason why water can cause damage to materials exposed to it. The simple answer to this vexing question is because the oxygen atom has a number of valences. A valence is essentially an extra electron that is open to bond to another molecule. It is in its ability to bond with other molecules that makes water so damaging.

This is because when a water molecule bonds to another atom such as iron (for example) it changes that atom into a new molecule. In the case of iron expose to water the new molecule becomes iron oxide or what is commonly known as rust. This is also true for wood. Wood is a bit more complicated (from a molecular stand point than iron which is an element unto itself) but essentially the same process is happening. Water bonds to the molecules in the wood and change its chemical composition. From our perspective, this water damage Utah causes wood to rot.

Rain is a common element of nature. Without rain we cannot grow vegetation. Obviously water is essential for the sustenance of life. But like everything else in nature there are two sides to this coin. The same properties that allow water to sustain life are the very same properties that can cause damage to wooden or metal structures. Nature is both simple and complex. Often the efforts of man work at cross purposes to nature’s intentions. But all this together creates the fabric of existence within this very mysterious reality.

Freezing Pipes

Copyright Eliot Cohen - Zeitgeist Photography email: eliot@zeitgeist.com.au
Copyright Eliot Cohen – Zeitgeist Photography
email: eliot@zeitgeist.com.au

The technology commonly known as the heat trace is a type of tape that can be applied to a pipe heat it and prevent it from freezing in cold weather. This technology can be commonly found in homes that are not properly insulated to prevent pipes from freezing in the winter. The use of this technology allows for the home owner to avoid the added expense of insulating and heating the areas where the pipes are located. We see this often in rooms that have been subsequently added on to houses after its initial construction. As such we see this commonly in older homes and in lower income areas.

This was exactly the situation I experienced in the first house that I owned in in the Roxborough area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My wife and I bought a row house with a room that had been added on to it in the back subsequent to its initial construction. This added room happened to be a bathroom with a shower and toilet. The first winter we lived in this house we discovered that the extra room was not properly heated or insulated. Because of this the pipes supplying water to the shower froze and burst.

Had my wife and I been more knowledgable home owners we would have realized the impending issue we would have to face. We did know that the room was improperly insulated because it was much colder than the rest of the house during the winter. We did not however put two and two together and realize that we needed to do something to prevent the pipes from freezing. The use of a heat trace could have potentially solved this problem. Also running the water at a low level seems to also work but not at extremely low temperatures.

Acceptance of Life Experience

landscape-1434147736-50-cleaning-tipsMany of the Home AUVI blog readers are also looking for house cleaning Vancouver. This would make good and proper sense for those readers who live in the city limits of Vancouver. It makes somewhat less sense for those Home AUVI blog readers who do not live in Vancouver. Although this cognitive dissonance can be averted by considering the possibility that the Home AUVI blog readers who do not live in Vancouver are arranging to have houses cleaned that are actually located in the city of Vancouver. But the question then arises as to why these people who are not located in Vancouver are performing this service.

One possibility as to why a Home AUVI blog reader who does not live in the city of Vancouver would be looking for house cleaning Vancouver would be that they operate or work for a business that provide this service to other people. This would only make sense if there are people living inside the city of Vancouver who are looking for house cleaning services but for some reason are unable to arrange for it on their own. The subsequent next question then arises as to why these people would not be able to perform this service for themselves.

Another possibility as to why a Home AUVI blog reader who does not live within the city limits of Vancouver would be looking for house cleaning services within the city of Vancouver might be that for some reason they want to clean other people’s houses. The reason why they would want this to happen remains a mystery. But it is possible that the reader of this particular blog post can remain in a state of acceptance of this present state of affairs. There are many experiences in life that are not fully understood and yet we all continue living.

The Inevitable Finish Line

drum2Sometimes when I walk along a gurgling stream I tend to think about appliances designed to produce heat. A drum heater is an example of just such an appliance. The loyal readers of the Home AUVI Blog know that this type of appliance can also be called a band heater, a barrel heater, a container heater or a canister heater. This appliance can be used to reduce the viscosity of various liquids and gels by heating them in order to fill, pump or bottle the respective liquid. It is also used to prevent liquids from freezing while inside the drum. There are many types of liquids these appliances are designed to heat including but not limited to tar, varnish, resin, grease, chocolate and or galantine. These appliances are available for drums capable of holding between twenty and two hundred and twenty liters.

All these thoughts swirl in my head much like the water swirling in the eddies of the gurgling stream I walk along. Sometimes there is a chill to the air. This causes my body to become cold. When I enter this state of mind I find myself fantasizing about climbing into a drum heated by a drum heater. I picture myself curled up in a ball inside the drum like a fetus in a womb. Inside this protective shell my chattering mind begins to slow and eventually quiet down.

This is why I walk along side the gurgling stream. The world is too hectic and the burden of worry and thought begins to drag me down and exhaust me. My existence becomes a wearying and toilsome affair. I wonder what it will be like to shed this ego shell that I have inhabited for the past forty-five years of life. The thought of shedding my ego is scary but this is a finish line I know I will cross at some point.

Answering Questions About the ASVAB

armed-forces-logoThe Home AUVI blog is constantly receiving requests from many of our loyal readers to provide information regarding the ASVAB test. Accordingly, in this blog post we will take the time to finally provide information on this important subject. First of all, the acronym ASVAB stands for the “Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery.” This is a test administered by the U. S. Armed services to all candidates for enlistment in any branch of the U. S. Armed Services including the U. S. Army, the U. S. Navy, the U. S. Marines Corps, the U. S. Air Force, the U. S. Coast Guard and the U. S. National Guard.

Because a career in the U. S. Armed Services can be an exciting and rewarding life experience it is very important to perform well on the ASVAB. Accordingly, it is very important for the candidate for enlistment in the U. S. Armed Services to properly prepare beforehand. Many people who have performed successfully on the ASVAB report preparing for the test by taking multiple versions of the ASVAB practice test. By taking a practice version of the ASVAB, the candidate for enlistment will become familiarized with the test format as well as learn which of the ten subject areas covered by the ASVAB will require additional focus in order to optimize performance on the day of the test.

Like the ASVAB test itself, the ASVAB practice test covers the same ten distinct subject areas. These subject areas include (1) General Science (GS), (2) Arithmetic Reasoning (AR),
(3) Word Knowledge (WK), (4) Paragraph Comprehension (PC), (5) Mathematics Knowledge (MK), (6) Electronics Information (EI), (7) Auto & Shop Information (AS), and (8) Mechanical Comprehension (MC). The test itself is comprised of two sections. The first section of the ASVAB is a standardized multiple choice exam. The second section of the ASVAB is a written format.

Musing While Walking Along a Gurgling Stream

streamAs the days grow darker and colder I find my mind turning inward. I go for walks amidst the cold wind and the falling leaves. I look up and see the branches bare and stark against the pale blue sky. With my hands in my pockets and my chin pressed into my breast my philosophical view of the world is stoic. There is a small stream running along the path I typically find myself walking. On a normal day I can hear the water churn and gurgle through the rocks and sticks in the channel. The water keeps pushing its way through day after day. Eventually it inflicts enough water damage Utah to break up the sticks and push them aside. I observe its progress daily when I walk past.

Sometimes I think about how long this water will continue to flow. I ask myself if there will ever be a day when the water stops flowing along its path. I am sure when that day arrives I will no longer be walking this route. There will be many days in between that day and today. There will be much water damage Utah inflicted upon the sticks and rocks in the stream. The stream itself might even change course between then and now.

Of course if I think along these lines for an extended period of time my thoughts eventually begin to ask me what its all about and whether there is any meaning to it all. From my daily perspective this stream seems eternal. It was there yesterday, the water flows today and I have no doubt that it will be flowing tomorrow. But someday it will stop flowing and so will I. The day after, I do not know if I will have any sense of myself or if the lights will be turned out for good.

Hire a Maid Service for the Holidays

landscape-1434147736-50-cleaning-tipsAttention Home AUVI readers! The holidays are approaching and you are going to want to hire a maid service Salt Lake City to get your home in the shape it needs to be in to entertain. True, you could probably clean your house yourself and save a few dollars. That is a perfectly acceptable path to trod if you have the time to kill. However, if you are like most loyal Home AUVI readers then you probably do not have extra time to kill. In fact you probably have significantly less time than you wish you had to accomplish everything you need to do every day.

It is for this very reason that we here at the Home AUVI blog editorial staff make the humble suggestion to you that you drop everything blocking you from hiring a maid service Salt Lake City. First drop your cheapness. You will probably save money by hiring a maid service because you will have more time to make money and if you can afford a maid you probably will make more money than a maid will charge you in the same amount of time. Second, drop your pride. Everyone knows you are perfectly capable of cleaning your house. There is no need to prove this to anyone, least of all yourself.

One you take the plunge and hire a maid service to clean your house you will then experience the freedom that will naturally result therefrom. Actually, the feeling you will experience is more like liberation. You will be free of the time and energy shackles that the obligation to clean your own home will generate. You will also be free of the worry and thought process revolving around the fact that your house is messy and you know it will eventually have to be cleaned.

No Easy Task

FloodIt is a well established principle that water can cause damage to houses. Whether this water arrives in the form of rain, floods or leaking pipes the amount of water damage Utah it can cause can be both extensive and costly. When this water damage is inflicted upon a house or other structure immediate steps must be taken to mitigate the damage before it gets even worse. These steps typically involve first draining or otherwise removing any standing water that remains and second drying the structure once the standing water has been removed. The longer the standing water remains the more damage it will cause.

In addition to removing the standing water, the structure must be properly dried. If it is not properly dried the chances that mold will set in and begin to grow and spread significantly increases as time goes on. Once mold begins to grow inside a water damaged structure it becomes very difficult to remove. Very often a professional mold remediation expert must be hired to properly perform this task so that the mold does not return. Mold can also begin to grow in hidden places which is another important reason to hire a professional mold remediation expert.

Once the house or structure has been properly dried the house or structure must then be properly assessed to determine what repairs are necessary to maintain the house or structure’s integrity. This inspection process always requires a professional to determine the extent the water damage Utah inflicted upon the structure. The inspection, once conducted will provide useful information as to what structural repairs are required to return the house to its original habitable state of being. Once these repairs are determined then the appropriate contractors must then be hired to make these repairs. Returning a water damaged house back to its original state of repair is most definitely no easy task.

The Counter Intuitive Profitability of Hiring a Home Cleaning Service in Salt Lake City

dustingMany people think that hiring a service to perform home cleaning Salt Lake City is too expensive. Well, I am here to tell you that you cannot afford not to hire a home cleaning service. I will make my point directly, perhaps more directly than you are used to being addressed. But being blunt is in my nature and I am now giving you fair warning that if this type of interaction offends your sensibilities you are hereby encouraged to go read a blog post on some other link farm. Because you see my friend that the simple fact of the matter should be as plain as the nose that sits upon your face. The fact to which I am presently referring is a very important fact and certainly not one to be casually overlooked by any stretch of the imagination.

If you do not hire a home cleaning Salt Lake City then you will have to spend all the time and effort the cleaning services spends to clean your very messy house. This is time that you could otherwise be spending achieving mastery in your line of business. That is where your cost savings and profit making will come into play. In other words, you will never become a millionaire by saving money because you chose to get down on your hands and knees to scrub the floor rather than spending that time developing your business.

I think that if you have read this far then the point that I have so eloquently made should be very deeply impressed within your cerebral cortex. That point is (as if you did not already know) that hiring a cleaning service not only saves you money, it actually increases your profitability. This may seem counter intuitive. That is fine. Let it be that way.

Just Do It — Hire a Maid!

petsClean your house damn it! And if you cannot clean your house for God’s sake hire a maid service Vancouver to do the work for you. What do you possibly have to loose except for a few hundred dollars a month depending on the frequency the maid service comes to work. Obviously, the frequency the maid service comes to visit will depend upon the arrangement you make with them. For example, many people have a maid service visit every week. Whereas other people consider this to be a little overkill and prefer the maid service to visit every other week instead.

Once your house has been cleaned on a regular basis your life will change in no insignificant way. First of all you will no longer be living in a messy house. Messy houses can be unhealthy but they are certainly depressing. Second of all you will no longer have to worry about doing the work yourself. This relieves no small amount of stress. Third of all you will not have to spend the time actually cleaning your house. Everyone knows how time consuming cleaning a house can be. Fourth of all when you hire a maid service Vancouver to clean your house you will have time for all the other things you would have done had you not had to get down on your hands and knees and scrub the floor yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and make the call. In your city there are probably many different maid services to choose from. All you need to do is go online and search for a maid service in the search engine of your choosing. Or, if you are old school, you can pull out a phone book and look that way. Just do it.