Cleaning Service Considerations

dustingMany home owners and renters with dirty living spaces are seeking the assistance of a cleaning service Salt Lake City. They will seek a cleaning service not only to save them the time and effort they would have otherwise spent cleaning their living space themselves but also to save them the mental anguish they would otherwise experience. They would experience this mental anguish because any time not spent cleaning would be spent at least in some capacity thinking about having to clean.


Cleaning services also usually bring their own cleaning supplies and equipment. As such, employing a cleaning service Salt Lake City will actually save the homeowner the expense of having to purchase those cleaning supplies and equipment along with saving time and effort. This will also free up any storage space required to store the cleaning supplies and equipment.


Hiring a cleaning service will serve to improve the air quality in the homeowner’s or renter’s residence. In addition to improved air quality, the benefits of hiring a cleaning service include but are not limited to providing a safer, more sanitary and ultimately more healthy environment in which to live. Harmful dust and bacteria can accumulate on various surfaces in the house including the blinds, furniture, the interiors of closets, drawers and cupboards, window sills, ovens and refrigerators to name a few.


A reputable cleaning service Salt Lake City will hire employees who act professionally and are screened by the cleaning service as well as insured. These employees will respect a client’s personal space and possessions. One of the biggest fears of a home owner considering the possibility of hiring a cleaning service is that the cleaning service will steal from them or damage their personal possessions. This actually occurs far less than one might think. Certainly it is in the cleaning service’s best interest to hire the best and most honest employees in order to retain their business and reputation.

The Gnosis of Clean Breeze

ScentsyOne of the first scents I encountered once I made the very impactful decision to join Scentsy was called simply “Clean Breeze.” It was categorized (by whom I have no idea) under “classics” and “Fragrance Collections.” These categories did not provide me with any significant amount of information in terms of my ability to truly know (in the gnostic sense) what this scent was really about. The description read as follows, “White florals with a touch of spring; this is the scent of fresh, clean laundry.”

I do not know what the scent of “White Florals” actually means (to the extent my nose can know this type of thing). Clearly, a scent is a piece of information but it is not data to the extent a written paragraph facts and figures is informations. That of course would be categorized as an intellectual form of information. A scent, by contrast, is sensory information in its purest state. It is information that cannot be described except in reference or in comparison to other similar forms of information. As such it can only be known (again in the gnostic sense) through direct and personal experience.

I also do not know what “a touch of spring” means in terms of describing a scent. It sounds like a clean scent. But it also sounds earthy which by definition is not clean unless dirt can properly be described as clean. I don’t know. Perhaps within this context it can be.

By contrast, “the scent of fresh, clean laundry” is a term that effectively conveys useful information to me but only because I have actually smelled fresh clean laundry. Always the circularity of reality brings me back to the inescapable truth that knowledge of scents is gnosis. This is as it should be and perhaps sheds light upon the real motivation behind my decision to join Scentsy.

What to Look for in a Maid Service Vancouver

In today’s busy world, getting help with house cleaning has become the norm rather than the exception. A good cleaning service should ensure your home is spic-and-span, giving you the gift of time. With so many providers of quality cleaning service Vancouver, how do you select the best one?

Here are a Few Guidelines to Help You Make the Right Choice.



It’s always a good idea to look for experience as you begin your search. Since a good number of companies fit this criterion, narrow down to the ones that have been in the business for a minimum of 5 years. In the maid service industry, experience is extremely vital.


If experience is vital then reputation is king. The way to be sure that a cleaning service does a good job is to find out what other people have to say about it. A company that is consistent in excellence will have a favorable reputation to back it up. You simply cannot afford to entrust your precious apartment to a lousy worker.

Insured and bonded

Ascertain that the company and its employees are bonded. Sometimes mishaps and accidents do happen even with the utmost precaution. Ensure the service provide is adequately covered in case of any damage, loss or injury occurs within your property.


The key is to get value for money. With a little more research, you can establish the current market rates in Vancouver and make comparisons. You are likely to find that the prices are fairly standard across board, so choosing the least expensive option will only give you marginal savings. Usually, you get what you pay for, so it’s up to you to get the right balance.

For the best maid service Vancouver has to offer, contact us to today. We are not only an eco-friendly service; you will find us to be honest, hardworking and reliable. You will love the high quality work we do.

The Time My House Flooded

FloodI remember the day the rain waters flooded my house. I entered “water damage Utah” into my search engine and found a disaster response team that was able to inspect the premises right away. In a few hours a large van pulled up in my driveway and a burly yet affable fellow emerged.

After taking a look around the house he told me that he had the right equipment for the kind of structural drying I required, including ceilings, wall cavities and the drying of various sorts of material. He went on to say that different buildings are built with different types of materials. Moreover, different surfaces vary in terms of absorption rates. He said that he could employ several different techniques to dry my house including air movement, heat, de-humidification and air filtration.

He explained to me that it was vitally important to extract water from my house as soon as possible employing all the correct techniques. The longer I waited the more damage could potentially result. By contrast the faster the water is removed, the less moisture will remain which makes it faster and easier to dry. He told me he had the most modern machines and that he was an expert in their operation.

I noticed a disgusting smell had begun to waft through the room. He told me that sewage had probably accumulated somewhere. He explained that sewage contains harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses and various parasites. These toxins are serious health hazards and must be dealt with quickly before it spreads. He said this was also a service he could provide.

Finally he explained that I also need to be concerned about mold infestation. Once it starts, mold spreads quickly. When mold spreads it produces irritants and allergens with potential negative heath impacts. I thanked him profusely and told him to get right to work. I was certainly glad I decided to enter “water damage Utah” into my search engine.


Cryptic Cleaning Woman

dustingLast weekend I met a woman at a bar who apparently works for a cleaning service in Salt Lake City. The two of us were sitting at the bar with a stool between us when she leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I am concerned about reducing my carbon footprint.”

Naturally I was a little taken aback and asked her what she meant by this.

She responded with something to the effect that cleaning homes actually helps the environment and that improving the cleaning process is something people can feel better about.

I was not really sure what she was talking about but she happened to be pretty so I nodded as if I agreed with her.

Cleaning Service Salt Lake City

She kept talking. “When we clean,” she said, “we use a unique ‘Truly Green’ cleaning system, improving our clients’ safety and health by improving air quality and maintaining high cleanliness standards. We want your family and pets—not to mention our cleaning staff, not only to live longer, but better. Our company fully commits itself to sustainable practices within the green cleaning industry.”

“That’s great,” I told her wondering if she was simply making conversation or giving me a sales pitch.

House Cleaning Utah
“Many people are aware that homes can make cause illness,” she told me. “Even if a home does not specifically have mold or require a deep cleaning, a thorough cleaning will always have a positive effect.”

I told her that I agreed with her pointing out that whenever I clean my apartment I feel better.

She then said, “We offer steam cleaning, deep cleaning, regular services, spring and seasonal cleaning, laundry, housekeeping, and cleaning before a big move and we do it all in the healthiest way possible.”

“That’s great,” I responded not exactly sure about the best way to respond to her. She smiled, got up from her stool and walked out of the bar. I never saw her again.

Aussie Plum Scentsy Bar

ScentsyYou are cordially invited to join Scentsy. When you become a Scentsy sales consultant you will enjoy the exquisite privilege of selling the Aussie Plum Scentsy Bar. You will know perfectly well why I say it is a privilege to sell this product once you inhale its sublime vapors. The product description relates that the scent is a “[m]elange of juicy plum, pink grapefruit, and tart pomegranate with smooth vanilla.” But I do not believe this mere collection of words does the actual experience any justice. Of course in this article I can only provide an additional collection of words to express how wonderful I believe this product to be. Truly no collection of words can come close to duplicating the gnosis of nasal ecstasy the Aussi Plum Scentsy Bar will invoke.


When I think of the mysterious and exotic continent of Australia many distinct images come to mind. Of course I see cuddly Koala bears sitting in trees munching on eucalyptus leaves. There is also the playful kangaroo hopping through the outback with a joey in its pouch. There is the Great Barrier Reef with all its colorful, underwater glory. I see thousands of miles of beaches with surfers lying on beach towels drinking a large can of Fosters beer. I see the mysterious Ayers Rock in the center of the continent and lanky, dark aborigines going forth on a walkabout. A duckbilled platypus waddles past followed by a dingo and a wallaby all the while I hear the serene hum of a diggery doo playing in the background. These are the down under images that come to mind when I smell the Aussie Plum Scentsy Bar.
Again, I can only provide a collection of words. But when you join Scentsy and are able to smell the Aussie Plum Scentsy Bar you will then know what I am trying to express.

Memories of My Wedding Venue in Salt Lake City

wedding2I barely remember my own wedding. Of course I remember the wedding venue in Salt Lake City. My wife and I met in pre hurricane Katrina New Orleans where we were both law students. I moved there from New England; Connecticut specifically. She came from Salt Lake City which is why we decided to get married there. Looking back on it, it was sort of a rash decision on our parts to get married between our second and third years of law school. So much could have happened and we had only known each other for a year or so. But I suppose most people make these momentous life changing decisions without really planning them out as thoroughly as they think they should.

I remember my uncle talking to me in the back of the church before the ceremony. I remember him telling me that from this point forward I will have to put my wife first. He also said there will be days when I will want to throw her out the window but I have to remember to put her first if I wanted the marriage to succeed. I remember telling him that our family had many examples of good marriages that have withstood the test of time. I remember also saying something about how my father (his brother) had taught me about the importance of loyalty. He seemed taken aback and replied, “Loyalty is earned.”

As I said, I barely remember the rest of the ceremony. I do remember that the wedding venue in Salt Lake City my wife had picked out was a modern church with actual trees in planters behind the altar. She had the task of picking out the venue because I had a job in New Orleans and had to remain there for most of the summer. That was almost 18 years ago. We have certainly been through ups and downs in our relationship since that time. I do not see how I could have ever have been ready for most of it even if I did plan it more thoroughly than I had.

Dust to Dust

dustingI like to believe that I keep a pretty clean house but there is one thing that I never think to do when I clean and that is dusting. I pick my clothes up off my floor, I wash the dishes, I wipe down surfaces and vacuum. I make my bed and generally straighten everything out but I never think to dust. Then, inevitably there comes a time when I notice the dust start to accumulate on surfaces and on the blades of my ceiling fan. When I see this it agitates me and makes me think I am really not doing as great a job as I thought keeping my house in tip top shape.

This is the reason I have made the decision to hire a maid service in Salt Lake City. I am tired of forgetting to dust and then reaching the point where I remember to dust by seeing dust. Once I dust, I in effect hit the reset button and everything goes back to normal. But I know in the back of my mind that the dust has already started to accumulate on all the surfaces. At first I am able to keep it safely tucked away in the back of my mind but inevitably one day I wake up and see dust everywhere. It makes me anxious and the only way to get rid of my anxiety is to dust like a crazy person until all the surfaces are clean and the whole cycle starts over again.

Hiring a cleaning service in Salt Lake City will take care of this problem once and for all. They will show up once a week or every other week and do all the little things (like dusting) that I never think to do until they smack me in the face. Once I hire the cleaning service I will not have the nagging pressure in the back of my mind because I know it will be taken care of.

Insurance for Home-Based Business

If you join Scentsy or operate any other type of home based business it is very important to asses your insurance coverage needs. Specifically, you need to determine how much insurance coverage you have and whether it actually covers a potential risk of loss related to the operatioInsurancen of your business.

The National Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 30% of homeowners operate home based business and most likely greater than 50% of these businesses are underinsured. It is thought that the amount of underinsurance stems from a false assumption that the business operator’s homeowner’s insurance policy will cover more than it actually does. Significantly, a typical homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover personal injury claims or other losses related to the operation of a home based business.

Fortunately, the insurance industry has adapted to the needs of the growing population of home based businesses. In many situations a lapse of coverage can be managed by adding what is called an “endorsement” or amendment to your homeowner’s policy to specifically cover additional risk incurred through the operation of a home based business. In addition, many insurance providers now offer policies specifically tailored to provide coverage for home based businesses. These policies can cover personal injury liability or other losses related to the operation of a home based business. For home based businesses that function in multiple locations outside the home there is a unique product called a B.O.P. or Business Owner’s Package Policy which will extend coverage to liability arising outside the home as well.

Insurance packages will vary from company to company and jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Accordingly, if you are in the market for this type of coverage it is probably a good idea to consult aninsurance professional who will be familiar with the types of policies available and the particular legal nuances of your state.

Operating a Home Based Business Gets Easier Over Time

If you have joined Scentsy or operate any home based business you may have noticed that settling into your routine took some time. This is because becoming comfortable with your routine requires your brain adapt through neuroplasticity. The term “neuroplasticity” describes the human brain’s ability to rewire itself and create new neural pathways and synapses in reaction to environmental and personal changes. This is also the process by which the brain can heal itself from injury. In other words, the brain is not static but constantly changing. Moreover, the brain acts very much like a muscle in how it responds to stimuli. And like the muscles of the body, your brain becomes stronger in variBrainous ways according to the way it is stimulated.

We are all familiar with the sensation of trying to remember a specific piece of information that previously resided in our conscious mind but has since receded out of the conscious mind. We remember knowing the information and we know the information still exists somewhere but in the present moment it cannot be accessed. During these moments there is some internal mechanism at work whereby the brain is attempting to access this information. I often picture this process as a man sitting in an office receiving an assignment to retrieve information. The man takes this assignment and proceeds into a large storeroom filled with filing cabinets from floor to ceiling. In this room the man finds and retrieves the information and then returns to his desk. At his desk he inputs the information into the system. It is at that point that you remember the information you were trying to retrieve.

When you feel your brain working to search for a memory, that feeling is one of neuroplasticity at work. Be aware of this sensation and do not let it frustrate you. It is in these moments, when you are searching, that your memory is working and becoming stronger. It is in these moments that you are stimulating your brain to become better at remembering. These moments are for your brain like lifting weights are for the muscles in your arms or legs. These are the moments when that man in who retrieves the information learns to become faster and more efficient at his job. Establishing and becoming comfortable with a new routine works in the same way. That uncomfortable period in the beginning is the sensation of your brain rewiring itself.