For Men it is Best to Stay Away From Wedding Planning

If you are a man and involved in planning a wedding in Salt Lake City I feel for you. Unless you are the type of person who enjoys this type of thing, my advice to you is to fade into the background or if possible run away until the date of the wedding. With wedding planning there are a million little details to attend to and every decision is likely to make some person angry.


I was extremely lucky when I got married because my wife and her mother made all the preparations. We were both in school in Louisiana at the time. The date of the ceremony was set for August 1st. She went home to Pennsylvania at the beginning of the summer to work on the preparations while I remained safely many states away. Every night she called me complaining about how frustrated she was because her mother was getting so wound up by everything. In addition to her frustrations with her mother, there always seemed to be one person or another getting angry a
bout the various decisions she made. I never understood why so many people use weddings as an excuse to be angry or offended. I tried my best to be understanding during these phone calls but secretly I was glad to not be involved.

The summer wore on and a few days before the wedding I flew up from Louisiana to Pennsylvania and entered the fray. Everything seemed to be planned by then. I think my wife was a little annoyed that she had to go through all the planning while I was away. But the energy of the event was then upon us and the whole thing flew by quickly. Before I knew it we were on our honeymoon and the stress of the wedding planning was behind us.

Creating a Distraction Free Workspace for Your Home Based Business

If you join Scentsy or operate any home based business you would do well to minimize your distractions so that you can better devote your energy to your daily business related tasks. By definition, a distraction is something that divides attention or prevents concentration. Distractions can take many forms and can be anything from external noise to other people talking or trying to engage your attention. Even your own internal thought process can be distracting from time to time. There are many ways to avoid these types of distractions.

If you are working, organize your work station. I cannot emphasize enough howCopyright Eliot Cohen - Zeitgeist Photography
email: important it is to remove all clutter from your desk space. Studies have shown that physical clutter has a negative impact on the mind’s ability to maintain focus.

It is also extremely important to turn off all devices and access to the internet especially if you are working on a time sensitive project. It seems obvious to anyone with a smartphone but studies have also confirmed that the constant checking in on electronic devices eats up a large amount of time during the day and will deplete your ability to focus for extended periods of time.

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid annoying noise. I used to work in an office where the guy two cubicles over had the habit of constantly clearing his throat. It drove me crazy. One technique I used to block out this noise and create a distraction free environment was to employ white noise. White noise is a steady, unvarying, unobtrusive sound such as an electronic drone or the sound of rain that can be used to mask or obliterate unwanted sounds. There is a great, free website where you can listen through ear buds to white noise to your heart’s content to block out your annoying neighbors and other external noise, which will distract you.

Planning a Wedding and the Importance of the To-Do List

If you are planning a wedding in Salt Lake City you likely have many tasks to perform and otherwise keep track of. Many people pride themselves on their ability to remember or perform well on the fly without much preparation. I am not one of them and cannot emphasize enoughmzl.qmeueahx.350x350-75 the necessity of keeping a daily To Do list to make sure I accomplish everything I need to accomplish and avoid the possibility that an important task gets overlooked.

Have you ever traveled all the way to the grocery store only to discover that you cannot remember what you wanted to buy once you got there? Or perhaps you arrived at the grocery store to buy five items but only remembered three of them. This may seem like an obvious suggestion but actually writing out a To Do List is an easy way to remember all tasks you wanted to perform. This is especially true for the tasks that do not come effortlessly to you.

Making a To Do list does more than simply keep you from forgetting important tasks. What youare actually doing when you make a To Do list is you are relinquishing your memory (and will power) to the list. Allow the list to tell you what to do and check off the tasks as you complete them. This technique works well for getting done what you do not necessarily want to get done but know you must get done because it takes the edge off remembering. When you are planning a wedding the last thing you need is more stress.

I have found that writing a list of tasks to perform serves to “free me up” a little if there is part of me that does not want to perform a task and keeps stopping me through procrastination or self-sabotage. This technique works well as a source of motivation especially at first but then looses its power as time progresses. But for events like a wedding where the planning will come to an end on a specific date a To Do list works great. There is a free app available called Errands To-Do List that I use all the time and is easy to use.

What to Avoid Eating to Maintain a Strong Memory

If you are planning a wedding in Salt Lake City you likely have a great many tasks to keep track of in order to make the event a success. As such, it is vitally important th

Egg carton

at you maintain a healthy memory so that no important aspect of your event planning goes overlooked. On easy way to maintain a strong memory is to avoid foods known to have a negative impact on brain function. The following is a list of foods you should avoid to keep your memory strong.

Sugar – High blood sugar levels have been linked to memory loss and a condition known as “brain fog.”  Sugar also has an actual addictive quality leading to overconsumption which tends to make its negative effect on the brain and memory more pronounced.
Processed Foods – Processed foods have also been linked to memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. This is true because chemically processed foods are high in sugar content which has been shown to negatively affect memory. They also include artificial chemicals not existing in nature many of which have been show to have a negative impact on brain function.

Saturated Fats and Trans Fats – Studies have shown that there is a connection between the consumption of saturated fats and trans fats found in red meat and weaker memories. Maintaining good levels of cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure have also been shown to be associated with sharper memories.

Smoking – Studies have linked memory loss to smoking tobacco in addition to the numerous other negative impacts on health. The negative effect on brain function is thought to be related to the thinning of the brain’s cortex observed in smokers. A thin cortex has been associated with mental decline.

Excessive Alcohol – There is some evidence to suggest a connection between moderate alcohol consumption and good brain health. However, excessive alcohol consumption is linked with dementia.

Before You Get Married You Need To Be Able To Say “No”

It may seem counter-intuitive but a successful marriage is predicated on your ability to say no to your spouse. Before you seek out a wedding venue is Salt Lake City take this message to heart. It might just save your marriage.

Do you ever find yourself in the position where a person asks or expects you to do something you don’t want to do but you end up doing it anyway? If so, do you find yourself becoming resentful with that person? If you answered yes to these questions you need to learn how to say no.

If You Can’t Say No You Become Resentful

I used to work in an office. I became friendly with a co-worker and we started going to lunch every day. After a while I began to feel obligated to go to lunch with her. I felt like if I got up and went to lunch by myself I would somehow be insulting her or hurting her feelings. So for a long time I went along with this situation. It was easier just to maintain the pattern than it was to stand up for myself and say I did not want to do this. But over time I found myself becoming resentful. At first I noticed I was becoming annoyed with her. Little things she did like flicking her pen started to irritate me. Later on this developed into anger. At the time I did not make the connection between not being able to say no to her and this irritation that was developing.No

Finally the resentment and the irritation reached a point where I just started going to lunch on my own. It felt wrong at first. I felt like an anti-social jerk. But after a while I noticed that I was becoming less annoyed and resentful with her. Gradually I began to make the connection that this resentment was directly related to my inability to say no to her. Even though my no was sort of passive aggressive at first it allowed for the space for the tension to release.

If You Can’t Say “No” You Can’t Say “Yes”

From there, over time I began to feel more entitled to my right to say no to things I did not want to do. True, there are obligations in life and I am not advocating saying no to everything you don’t want to do, but if you can’t say no at least some of the time you will never truly be able to say yes whole heartedly. You will only say yes grudgingly and with resentment. When you are able to say no and own it, that is feel entitled to say no without worrying so much about hurting someone’s feelings (this comes with practice) then you have the space to pick the things you really want to do and then say yes with your whole heart.

On an airplane they instruct you to put on your own oxygen mask first before you put on the oxygen mask of a child. To someone who is afraid to say no, this instruction might strike them as selfish and wrong. But if you don’t take care of yourself first you may be able totake care of other people in the short run but not in the long run.

Having the ability to say no is particularly important in a marriage. In a successful marriage you will likely be living with your spouse for many years to come. If you cannot say no to your spouse you will become resentful and irritated and the relationship will break down. But more importantly, if you cannot say no to your spouse you can never really say yes because the yes will come from a place of obligation and will not be whole hearted.

Finances and Marriage


Before lookingMoney for Wedding Venues in Salt Lake City couples should discuss their finances. Because one of the most common topics married couples fight about is money. As such it is important that the bride and groom discuss their finances honestly before they tie the knot in order to avoid larger problems down the road.


It is most important that the couple is honest with each other. Any secrecy regarding finances in a marriage is deadly. For example, say one spouse runs up a few thousand dollars in credit card bills behind the back of the other spouse. This will cause tension for the spouse who has to maintain this secret. This tension will inevitably be felt by the other spouse causing further tension and resentment. Once the secret has been brought to light, addition resentment will result and regaining the initial trust will be difficult and perhaps impossible. It is far easier to be honest from the beginning and proceed from there.

Make a Budget

This honest discussion should primarily involve making a budget. Figure out how much income is coming in and how much expenses are going out. Then determine how much discretionary income remains and how it will be allocated. How much can be used for purchases? How much should be saved or invested? If the couple intends to have children money should be saved for their education and other expenses. Some thought should also be given to retirement. The earlier investment begins the longer time the money will have to grow.

One or Two Incomes?

Today it is common for both spouses to be employed and have two sources of income. If this is the case, one arrangement that can potentially ease tension is to maintain separate bank accounts and have each spouse be responsible for different household expenses depending on their income. If only one spouse is earning income then there will need to be a discussion about who will keep track of the finances and how will both spouses have access to the money.

Credit Cards

It is also important to discuss credit cards and how much debt the couple is willing or able to incur. Certainly, the less debt a couple incurs the better because interest payments will eat away at future income in a way that might not be immediately apparent. As such credit cards should be used with caution and vigilance.

It is important for couples to discuss their finances openly, honestly and on an ongoing basis. Ideally this discussion should start before the marriage begins to avoid problems in this potentially dangerous area.

Do You Have the Temperament to Start a Home Based Business?

Join Scentsy

If you are thinking of starting a home based business in the Salt Lake City area or anywhere else there is one basic question you need to consider before determining your business’ legal structure (LLC, S Corp etc.), obtaining a tax identification number, registering for state and municipal taxes and obtaining the proper permits. First you must ask yourself if you have the proper temperament to operate a home based business.

What Type of Business Do You Want to Start?

The type of temperament required will depend a great deal upon the type of business you want to create. Some businesses simply require a phone and a computer to operate. Other types of business require space for storage, equipment and employees. If you have limited space will you be able to deal with cramped quarters?

Will your business require employees? If so will you get annoyed by having your employees working in your home in and around your personal space? If your business is just you and requires your presence in your home will you be okay with staying in your home (the same place you eat, sleep and relax) for extended periods of time alone? Will you go stir crazy? If you have family members or roommates not involved in your business will they get in your way or distract you?


If any of these questions give you pause you should take time to consider them. You may not have the temperament to jump into the deep water of starting a home based business right off the bat. If you think you do not have the proper temperament but you are still committed to starting a home based business, there are possible workarounds. Perhaps you could rent a low cost, basic office space. This will give you the space and variety of experience you might need to keep your home and work life separate and preserve you sanity. Another option might be to try working from home in smaller doses at first to see if it is for you or to see if you can adapt.

Starting a home based business is a serious undertaking especially if this business will be your primary household income. This article is not intended to discourage you from starting a home based business if this is really what you want to do. Rather, the intent of this article is to tackle these potential pitfalls before you start so that you optimize your home based business’s chances for success.


Get More Business By Going Digital

Go for digital menus6 Reasons to Switch Your Menus to Digital Menus

Digital Menus are quickly replacing the conventional menu and for great reasons too! There are a lot of different benefits for using digital menus. Here are 6 reasons to switch your menus to digital menus.

  1. A way to go green. With the world’s focus on “going green,” business are looking for ways to help the environment. One of these ways is by replacing paper menus with digital menus. Paper menus need to be updated and recycled frequently whereas a digital menu lasts for a long time.
  2. Quick Meal change. Many restaurants offer different options for breakfast , lunch, and dinner. A fast food restaurant has to manually change the paper breakfast menu quickly when the breakfast is no longer served. This can happen at a very busy time of day and at an inconvenience. When a restaurant has a digital menu, it only takes a click of a button from a secure internet location to change a breakfast menu to a lunch menu.
  3. Easy to update. Menus may need to be updated frequently due to price change or due to new items offered. By using a digital menu, these changes can be made quickly and efficiently. Another benefit to using a digital menu is that if an item is sold out, it can be changed as needed.
  4. Regulation changes. Due to new laws being made, restaurants are required to post nutritional information such as calories, fat, sodium, and allergy ingredients. These changes can be made using a digital menu and allows you to abide by the rules easily and effectively.
  5. Eye-catching graphics. Many digital menus offer high definition videos and pictures that grab the attention of their customers. A person is more likely to purchase a food item if they can see it close up in a video as opposed to a picture.
  6. Emergency Information. Digital menus can be used to alert the public if there is an official emergency situation such as an amber alert or severe weather warning.

From easy menu changes to displaying emergency information, digital menus offer many benefits to both the customer and the business. They are highly effective and are growing in number. Paper menus are becoming a thing of the past due to the advance in technology.

Weber State University Housing -Tips for a Safer apartment or home

Whether still living at home with parents, in a college apartment like, Weber Apartments, or in your own home, it is important to consider the home’s safety. Lou Manfredini, who is a home safety expert, recommends these easy inexpensive tips for fortifying your home.

Simple Precautions can make all the difference in an emergency

It is important to not only have a smoke detector in your home, but it is also important to install a carbon monoxide detector as well. It’s recommended that both devices be on every floor of your home or in the major rooms of your apartment. It doesn’t matter if they’re installed up high or closer to the floor. Experts just recommend that each device’s batteries be checked at least twice a year and be completely replaced at least every seven years.

Smoke Detector
Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas you can’t see or smell

Carbon monoxide is one of the leading causes of accidental  death in the United States. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that  is produced from common household appliances such as non- electric heaters, motor vehicle exhaust, smoke from fires or fireplaces, and other engine fumes. It is dangerous because you can’t see or smell it.
Placing a fire extinguisher on every floor of your home is another way to make your home or weber state apartment, safer. There are many different kinds of fire extinguishers so it’s important that you invest in the right kind of extinguisher.


Picking the Right kind of Fire Extinguisher for your Apartment – Harrison Housing

Fire extinguishers are divided into four different classes. A class “A” extinguisher should be use for ordinary combustible materials such as wood, paper, and some plastics. Class “B” extinguishers should be used to put out flammable liquids such as gasoline, grease, or kerosene. Class “C” extinguishers are used on any type of electrical fire, while class “D” extinguishers are used to smother any type of chemical fire.

Living in a Colder Climate?

If you live in a colder area, installing a freeze alarm and water alarm might be a good idea. Experts recommend these types of alarms to help in detecting any drop in temperature or water leakage. Many of these types of detectors can be programmed to call and notify the homeowner in case of any abnormality.

Placing Night Lights throughout your home is another way to keep your home safe

Another tip for keeping a safer home is as  easy as purchasing and placing night lights  throughout your home or apartment. For  those with families with young children, it is  important to place them in major hallways  and bedrooms. They can also be helpful in  dark closets to increase visibility and help to  prevent falling objects. Night lights are fairly inexpensive with prices ranging from $4 to $15.

All of these simple tips will help keep any apartment (Weber State Housing) or home a safer one. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will not only keep your home safe, but will also provide different health benefits. Keeping the recommended fire extinguisher in the home can help prevent small house fires. A safe home is a happy home.

5 Things You Should Ask Before You Rent An Apartment

Most people will end up utilizing an apartment some time in their lives. With such a universal occurrence, most people never really think too much about it until it’s time to get one. From New York City apartments, to Weber apartments and those in LA, people all over the country, and really all over the world find themselves utilizing apartments. With that in mind, here’s 5 things that you should ask before you rent an apartment!

  1. Decorating

Can I decorate? Most people love moving into a new place and making it their own by painting, wallpapering and hanging pictures. This could make for a slight problem if you’re one of these people, as most apartments would have been freshly painted/decorated ready for a new tenant. Even if it hasn’t, it’s worth asking before signing anything as some landlords will charge you for anything other than normal wear and tear, such as holes in walls made by nails, stains on carpets, etc.

Make sure to check with your landlord to pre-approve any decorating before making any modifications to your apartment.

  1. Pets

Depending on where the apartment complex is located and how much land there is nearby can determine on whether or not you’ll be allowed certain pets, if any at all! Dogs, even though they’re man’s best friend, can cause a stir in apartment buildings, especially if you can’t be there with them 24/7. Barking and whining while you’re gone and not having an open back yard can lead to some accidents.. Causing stains and odours, not nice for your many neighbours! ..Or a happy landlord for that matter!

Some strict landlords may only allow you to keep a small fish tank for example, although some are quite open with pet allowances as long as you are reliable and can keep them tame.

It’s worth double checking, in case you get visitors that bring their pets for a night or two, or if you have or decide to get a pet yourself.

  1. Breaking the lease

Most leases are set for around a year, give or take and longer or shorter period of time if you can negotiate. Even if you’re happy in a steady long term job, you never know what will turn up out of the blue, leaving you stuck when you have no choice but to relocate. Before signing anything, make sure to ask about any penalties there are for breaking the lease, making sure to get them in writing! Verbal agreements won’t be applicable.

Some landlords will make it easy and let you give a 30-day written notice to vacate, but with this you could expect to forfeit your deposit, pay an amount equal to one month’s rent, pay a pro-rated amount of turnover costs, and pay for any damage or wear and tear done.

  1. Parking

Usually you’ll find that you will be assigned a parking spot, although if you’re a relatively sociable person that likes to host gatherings, it could be difficult finding parking spaces for them. If you’re lucky, the complex may have reserved guest parking. It’s best to query about where guests are able to park their vehicles, especially if it will come about often.

  1. Affording the accommodation

This is the biggest question you should ask yourself. You need to get out a pen and paper and crunch some numbers, time to start budgeting! Experts advise that people should spend no more than 35% of their wages on housing expenses. You may think this is no problem, but there’s so much you forget to take into account. There’s rent for a start, water rates, central heating/air conditioning, electricity, food, cable, car expenses – insurance, MOT, fuel, etc.. (Or travelling expenses), phone bill, the list really does go on! Plus, it’s always good to save a little back for emergency repairs and luxury items that you absolutely can’t live without! – Maybe it’s time to find a roommate?!


All in all, finding the perfect apartment isn’t as easy as it looks. But as long as you know what you’re looking for, your living boundaries and what you’re willing to give up, you can make it easy for yourself. For more information, you can also check out and their many resources on finding the perfect apartment. Good luck!