Park City real estate is well known for its charming architecture as well as its proximity to some of the best world class skiing mountains in North America. Park City is a small resort town that happens to be located in the center of the beautiful, picturesque Wasatch mountains. It is well known to be the home of not one but two renowned ski resorts. Not to mention the fact that Park City is the home of the exciting and dynamic Sundance Film Festival. For all of these reasons and many, many more it is no small wonder that Park City happened to be named by Outside Magazine as the very best town in the U. S. A.


Main Street is located in the very heart of Park City. It is home to numerous award-winning restaurants, interesting boutiques, and beautiful art galleries. All these various attractions make Park City the unique city that its residents and visitors have come to appreciate. One of the most attractive features lies not in the various attractions that one can take advantage of on Main Street. But rather it lies in the fact that when one lives in Park City, that person is living in the mountains.

Mountain living is about many things not the least of which includes hiking, skiing, enjoying the great outdoors, and in general living and loving a healthy life style. In addition to its many exciting recreational and cultural attractions, the Park City metro area also boasts one of the very best school and library systems in the entire state of Utah. For all these reasons and indeed many more, the real estate in Park City is some of the most desirable real estate one could ever hope to find in the U. S. A.


What Makes Park City Real Estate So Desirable?