Rain Causes Water Damage Utah

streamIt is no secret that rain is composed of a molecule which in turn is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. This of course describes the water molecule. Obviously the water molecule is responsible for causing water damage Utah. Few people without a background in chemistry know the reason why water can cause damage to materials exposed to it. The simple answer to this vexing question is because the oxygen atom has a number of valences. A valence is essentially an extra electron that is open to bond to another molecule. It is in its ability to bond with other molecules that makes water so damaging.

This is because when a water molecule bonds to another atom such as iron (for example) it changes that atom into a new molecule. In the case of iron expose to water the new molecule becomes iron oxide or what is commonly known as rust. This is also true for wood. Wood is a bit more complicated (from a molecular stand point than iron which is an element unto itself) but essentially the same process is happening. Water bonds to the molecules in the wood and change its chemical composition. From our perspective, this water damage Utah causes wood to rot.

Rain is a common element of nature. Without rain we cannot grow vegetation. Obviously water is essential for the sustenance of life. But like everything else in nature there are two sides to this coin. The same properties that allow water to sustain life are the very same properties that can cause damage to wooden or metal structures. Nature is both simple and complex. Often the efforts of man work at cross purposes to nature’s intentions. But all this together creates the fabric of existence within this very mysterious reality.