The Time My House Flooded

FloodI remember the day the rain waters flooded my house. I entered “water damage Utah” into my search engine and found a disaster response team that was able to inspect the premises right away. In a few hours a large van pulled up in my driveway and a burly yet affable fellow emerged.

After taking a look around the house he told me that he had the right equipment for the kind of structural drying I required, including ceilings, wall cavities and the drying of various sorts of material. He went on to say that different buildings are built with different types of materials. Moreover, different surfaces vary in terms of absorption rates. He said that he could employ several different techniques to dry my house including air movement, heat, de-humidification and air filtration.

He explained to me that it was vitally important to extract water from my house as soon as possible employing all the correct techniques. The longer I waited the more damage could potentially result. By contrast the faster the water is removed, the less moisture will remain which makes it faster and easier to dry. He told me he had the most modern machines and that he was an expert in their operation.

I noticed a disgusting smell had begun to waft through the room. He told me that sewage had probably accumulated somewhere. He explained that sewage contains harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses and various parasites. These toxins are serious health hazards and must be dealt with quickly before it spreads. He said this was also a service he could provide.

Finally he explained that I also need to be concerned about mold infestation. Once it starts, mold spreads quickly. When mold spreads it produces irritants and allergens with potential negative heath impacts. I thanked him profusely and told him to get right to work. I was certainly glad I decided to enter “water damage Utah” into my search engine.