The War Against Entropy

FloodWhat more can be said about the benefits of hiring a house cleaning Vancouver service to clean a house that would otherwise be left uncleansed? Is it not axiomatic that a house gradually progresses from a state of cleanliness towards a state of uncleanliness if no action is taken to clean it by the home owner? Who can deny that all things whether they are clean houses or the planets and stars in the sky always devolve towards a state of entropy if no action is taken to halt this progression?


True, we fight a loosing battle in this war against entropy. There is nothing we can do as constituent parts of this decaying universe to halt the ultimate entropic state towards which we all ultimately travel. The best we can do is create a small eddy in the vast river of existence. Moreover, we must come to terms with this reality because it is reality and reality cannot be ignored without incurring a negative impact at some point down the time line.


The best we can do is exactly what we will do. That is, we will stand proud on a mountaintop declaring our intent to not go quietly into to that good night. No, we will hire a house cleaning Vancouver service and by doing so we will stand boldly and defiantly against inexorable odds. We are like the light brigade which charged to meet their fate in the Crimea. We are the three hundred Spartans facing legions of invading Persians. Ultimately we will not win the day but nor can it be said that we surrendered. We lived our lives as free men in a house cleaned bi-weekly and we were proud to say that we would not have chosen to live any other way. We would not change a thing.