If you are searching the market for luxury homes here in Pennsylvania, we have the best suburbs you should look into. With factors such as schools, health, crime rate, employment opportunities and nightlife taken into account this is what we came up with.

  1. Gladwyne

With exceptional schools and monumental buildings found here it is no wonder that people of all ages try to settle in this neighborhood. Mixing vintage and modern with an accent on the arts, Gladwyne is surely a neighborhood to discover for families, millennials and retirees. High employment rates make this suburb one of interest for many profiles.

  1. Sewickley Heights

The location of this suburb in itself is a selling point for many people looking for a luxury home. Situated by the Ohio River, with easy access to the Pittsburg Airport as well as being close to the center of Pittsburg it is simple to see why this suburb is huge for property owners. This suburb is covered in leafy parks and streets along with having excellent schools and grand, spacious homes with some of the biggest property prices in the U.S.

  1. Rose Valley

A neighborhood that is as lovely as its name offers so much for luxury home hunters. With its vintage inspired, rustic styled architecture this is one for those who are lovers of the arts. This is something that sets Rose Valley apart from all the other wealthy suburbs in Pennsylvania and tends to attract youthful, art loving individuals. A combination of warmth and style will entice your senses.

  1. Chestnut Hill

This suburb is covered with mansions created by some of Americas most famous architects. Warm, tree covered streets make for an inviting atmosphere and charming cafes and restaurants make for a great nightlife.

  1. Chesterbrook

The old townhouses which are found in this neighborhood have a constant tendency to escalate in value. The low crime rate is excellent for families in addition to the fantastic schools that are on offer here. The weather is also something that makes people want to move to this area, as the summers can get grueling in Pennsylvania, however Chesterbrook offers mild summers with temperatures infrequently rising above 95 degrees.

  1. Franklin Park

Franklin Park offers top notch homes, with excellent schools and very good prospects for employment. There is a very big feel of community in Franklin Park, often with young people coming together and involving themselves in bettering the community as a whole. It is a very safe neighborhood, and with just a twelve minute drive to Pittsburg it is perfectly positioned.

  1. Devon

Devonis rich in multiple aspects, being an incredibly safe environment for those raising children as it is 93% safer than all other cities in America. With some of the best schools on offer in the state of Pennsylvania it has high graduation rates that of 16% more than the rest of the state and a steady housing market. The average home income is also 186% higher than others in Pennsylvania

Top Luxury Home Suburbs in Pennsylvania