Weber State Housing Choices

petsMany students who are in the market for Weber State housing will be faced with the choice between living in a dorm on campus or finding an off campus apartment. This choice will significantly impact their experience of college life for the term of his or her residency and there are many competing factors to consider before fully committing to one option or the other. For example, a dorm can be a safe choice in that a student choosing to live in a dorm basically knows what they are getting into. On the other hand, choosing to live in an apartment may be fraught with potential hazards depending on the condition of the apartment and how attentive the land lord is.


Much of the uncertainty of apartment living can be eliminated by choosing an apartment in an apartment building as opposed to a house that someone is renting. This is true for the most part because apartment buildings tend to be professionally run. This means the building will have a management staff through which complaints and requests can be processed as well as a maintenance staff that is available to fix any problems that may arise from time to time. By contrast, when renting a room or house that is owned by a person as a side business, it is much more uncertain that the student’s needs will be met in a professional manner. They may. But they may not.


Many students choose to live within the Weber State University housing system in a dormitory. Obviously, this choice limits the freedom of the student somewhat but the upside is that the living experience will be regulated and maintained by the University. This can take some of the uncertainty and stress out of the situation. Many students find this preferable so that they can properly devote their energy towards their academic pursuits.