House Cleaning Utah: 6 Cool Uses for Baking Soda

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Baking soda is often viewed as a commonplace household ingredient frequently used for cookie recipes, but in reality, baking soda is much more of a cleaning all-star. Baking soda can be used in every room in the house and combines into a cleaning agent and scrub when mixed with water.


A budget-friendly household staple, baking soda has a long list of uses and applications. Here at Green Envy Maids, a maid service Utah, we strive to use natural and healthy cleaning agents, which are good for the environment and your family. We think baking soda can do no wrong.baking-soda-2


Here are six cool ways to use baking soda for cleaning and refreshing any home:


1.) Fridge Freshener

Have those old Chinese leftovers created some seriously funky and foul odors in your fridge? Adding a box of baking soda will absorb those unpleasant smells.


2.) Produce Polisher

Take off that waxy layer off fruits and veggies with a baking soda and water scrub.


3.) Sponge Soaksponges

A bath of baking soda and water will freshen old sponges and extend their life.


4.) Pet Paradise

Take that stinky pet bed and add a sprinkle of baking soda followed by a vacuum session to cancel out the smell.


5.) Mildew Muck

Eradicate mildew on shower curtains, sinks and tubs with a baking soda dipped sponge or a service specializing in house cleaning Salt Lake City can help you.


6.) Drain Pain

Tackle that blocked drain with ½ cup of baking soda followed by ½ cup of vinegar.


Contact us at Green Envy Maids, cleaning services Salt Lake City, to give your home the ‘green clean’ treatment! Take a look at some of our cleaning specials HERE!

Top Three Timeless Wedding Decorations – Wedding Venues in Salt Lake City

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Let’s be honest, wedding décor has definitely had its ups and downs over the years. There have been some wedding décor trends we’d love to forget and others that will forever be tagged as ‘timeless.’ Here are our top three suggestions of some ‘timeless’ decorations that will make your Salt Lake City wedding venue look fabulous.

Lights and Lighting

“Every moment of light and dark is a miracle!”

Light is something we’ve sought after throughout the history of the world. Ever wonder why lighting is so important? ligts 3 Lights at a wedding are symbolic of progression and success. Lights and lighting can create an ambiance of romance, magic, and exhilaration. The lighting at your venue is an important way to portray the kind of ‘party’ you want your guests have. Dim lights suggest a more intimate and personal atmosphere, while bright lights suggest a more upbeat one. Lights also add that little touch of twinkle and sparkle to weddings that make it memorable.lights 1

There are many ways to add that little be of glimmer to wedding reception venues in Utah…candles, rope lights, chandeliers, floating lights, strung lights….all will help add that bit of sparkle you want at your wedding. Candles and floating lights advocate romance. lights 2Chandeliers signify elegance, while rope and string lights may imply a more fun atmosphere.


“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”

Who knew that flowers are a symbol of hope? A new bride possesses hope as she tosses the bouquet to her anxious bridesmaids…hope that they will find the same happiness she has found and hope that her new life will be filled joy and 1  It makes sense that we chose flowers as our second pick for timeless wedding decorations right?  When a couple starts their new life together, they hope for that ‘happily ever after’ don’t they? Flowers are a symbol of hope for a life filled with success, happiness, and love.

Flowers add color and a natural element to a wedding.  The kind of flowers you choose for your wedding, also portray the kind of mood you’d like your wedding to have. Roses signify elegance and romance while daises suggest a more ‘light’ 2 Choosing fresh smelling flowers will also add a natural and fresh aroma and feel to your venue.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

There’s something nostalgic about seeing a couples past photographs. Photographs become some of our most cherished possessions because they capture some of our fondest memories. Displaying photos at your wedding will remind your guests of the simple joys in life. It’ll give them something to talk about too.

photos 2Photos can be displayed as table centerpiece arrangements or throughout your venue in an elegant way. However, there is a fine line between nostalgic reminiscence and displaying every moment of your life…it’s ok to leave some memories as just that… memories.

We think these three decoration ideas will add a sense of ‘timeless’ attraction to your wedding day. Something that also makes them ‘timeless’ is their affordability. You can have a cheap wedding reception, without looking ‘cheap.’  They will also add sparkle and hope to one of the happiest days of your life.

Four Sensational Summer Cleaning Tips in Salt Lake City

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While summer ushers in warmer weather and lazy days spent basking in the sun, it also is the season for BBQ stains, ice cream stickiness, and lots of grass and dirt mess. While summer fun is a must-have, there are numerous ways to prevent the sunniest season from creating major household distress and dirt. Here at Green Envy Maids in Salt Lake, we know all about the grime that accompanies summertime and we’re here to help! Here are four sensational summer house cleaning Utah tips straight from our housecleaning professionals:

1.) Showertime Sadness

hiqu-showerWhile the play and excitement of summer is super fun, there’s a downside—a dirty bathroom. Kids are prone to tracking in all the defining summer staples–grass, dirt, sand and sweat. If your bathroom takes a beating during the summer, remind guests to wipe down the shower after each use to prevent accumulated moisture that creates hard water stains and mildew as well as telling family members and visitors to open a window or turn on the fan in the bathroom to prevent humidity from creating mold.

At Green Envy Maids (cleaning services Salt Lake City), our cleaning team strives to get your bathroom sparkling! We use a variety of cleaning techniques to ensure that summer doesn’t create dirty bathrooms.

2.) Patio Problems

traditional-patioDuring the summer months, the patio is the prime spot for BBQ spills and picnic fails. While there is no exact science to getting this favorite outdoor area clean, a little mixture of detergent and fresh water plus some elbow grease will get that patio furniture sparkling.

3.) Laundry Lament

While the laundry room is already an area of the house that attracts mess, the summer months can make things much worse. With many 90-degree days expected in Salt Lake City this summer, there’s bound to be plenty of watermelon stains, ice cream cone spills and soda spots. While these sneaky stains and spots can be tough to tackle, having and organized and clean laundry room will make the job more appealing. Our residential maid service team at Green Envy (house cleaning Salt Lake City) will perform laundry services to lighten the extra summer load. No more battling those mustard and ketchup stained clothes!Laundry1

4.) Killer Kitchen

The kitchen can be a spot that kills the rest of the home’s cleanliness as it is the nucleus and the gathering center for all the home’s activities. In summertime, make sure to scrub those sticky-prone surfaces like garbage cans and refrigerator shelves. At Green Envy Maids,a maid service Utah,  in Salt Lake City, we can make sure your kitchen is free from all summer gunk. Contact us today!

Why You Should Hire Maid Service Salt Lake City

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Maid services play an integral role in the well-being of our families. In essence, it can be quite challenging to have a home without engaging maid services. House Cleaning Salt Lake City offers some of the best services in the region. With a team of professional cleaners, this maid services ensures that the customer’s needs are met within the shortest possible time. As such, it is one of the most efficient service providers in the region. Some of the factors that make them outstanding include the following.

Dedicated services: one of the most important aspects that make a maid service to be efficient is the level of dedication exhibited by the employees. In order to achieve this, the company has put in place measures that ensure that it has a team of dedicated service providers.

Environmentally conscious: the maid service at Salt Lake City strives to provide environmentally safe measures when cleaning. The company employs environmentally approaches and procedures. As a result, it leaves the home safe from harmful cleaning substances that may have a negative impact on the overall health of the occupants.

State of the art equipment: one way to know or identify a good cleaning company is by monitoring the nature of equipment that the company has. This company has invested in latest technologies that are friendly to the environment.

The range of services: professional companies have a range of services. In essence, this company has a number of services that depend on the wishes of the customer. This makes it possible for the company to address the specific needs of the company.

Terms and conditions: it is always important to ensure that the company’s terms and conditions match the services rendered. In essence, House Cleaning Utah has put in place measures to ensure that the services match the customer expectations. Due to this, the company has managed to maintain a competitive edge when it comes to service delivery.

Things to Look for in Outdoor Wedding Reception Venues

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You’ve found the perfect man and ring… next on the wedding planning checklist…dress, photographer, and (YES) wedding and reception venues. Summer is one of the most popular times to get married and for many good reasons. The weather is warmer and the outdoor scenery and landscape is beautiful. The days are longer and traveling is easier. Here are some things to look for when choosing the perfect outdoor wedding reception venue.IMG_0339

Room Enough to Accommodate Your Guests

One of the first things you’ll want to consider when choosing wedding reception venues is SIZE and SPACE. Is there enough room to accommodate your guests? Will there be dancing? Will you be serving dinner or refreshments? The size of your wedding party should influence the venue you decide to use. You’ll want to choose a venue that will comfortably fit your guests and allow space to mingle.



A memorable wedding is magical and beautiful. Sure, there are a few perks to having a reception at the local church, but there is only so much one can do to cover basketball hoops in the cultural hall. A memorable wedding leaves an impression! Choose a venue that has romantic lighting and supplies the décor needed to leave your guests feeling enchanted. Summer is also one of the hottest times of year so you’ll want a venue that has a more than adequate cooling system both indoors and out (one that doesn’t distract from the ambiance of the reception).

Dinner and Refreshmentsslider-image-one

How the table spread looks or tastes will most likely be a factor in determining your guests overall experience. People love food! Most people base their experience to a certain venue on how the food tasted or how available it was. Of course you’ll want to choose a venue that makes your dinner or refreshments look pretty, but more importantly you’ll want to make sure they taste good

 Location and Parking

Location is extremely important. Choosing a venue next to a loud busy freeway wouldn’t be in your best interest, especially if it’s outdoors. Also consider the traveling time of your guests when choosing wedding reception venues in Utah. How long will your guests be willing to commute? Is the venue easy to find?  Choose a venue that also allows enough parking for your guests. No one wants to park a mile down the road to get to your reception.il_340x270.408178960_917i


There’s a lot to think about when planning a wedding. Choosing wedding reception venues may seem daunting to some or as a minor detail to others.  Picking the best reception venue will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Let the venue handle all the details. If you want less stress on your wedding day, choose a venue that will make you forget about all your pre wedding planning and allow you to enjoy your special day.

Weber State University Housing -Tips for a Safer apartment or home

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Whether still living at home with parents, in a college apartment like, Weber Apartments, or in your own home, it is important to consider the home’s safety. Lou Manfredini, who is a home safety expert, recommends these easy inexpensive tips for fortifying your home.

Simple Precautions can make all the difference in an emergency

It is important to not only have a smoke detector in your home, but it is also important to install a carbon monoxide detector as well. It’s recommended that both devices be on every floor of your home or in the major rooms of your apartment. It doesn’t matter if they’re installed up high or closer to the floor. Experts just recommend that each device’s batteries be checked at least twice a year and be completely replaced at least every seven years.

Smoke Detector
Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas you can’t see or smell

Carbon monoxide is one of the leading causes of accidental  death in the United States. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that  is produced from common household appliances such as non- electric heaters, motor vehicle exhaust, smoke from fires or fireplaces, and other engine fumes. It is dangerous because you can’t see or smell it.
Placing a fire extinguisher on every floor of your home is another way to make your home or weber state apartment, safer. There are many different kinds of fire extinguishers so it’s important that you invest in the right kind of extinguisher.


Picking the Right kind of Fire Extinguisher for your Apartment – Harrison Housing

Fire extinguishers are divided into four different classes. A class “A” extinguisher should be use for ordinary combustible materials such as wood, paper, and some plastics. Class “B” extinguishers should be used to put out flammable liquids such as gasoline, grease, or kerosene. Class “C” extinguishers are used on any type of electrical fire, while class “D” extinguishers are used to smother any type of chemical fire.

Living in a Colder Climate?

If you live in a colder area, installing a freeze alarm and water alarm might be a good idea. Experts recommend these types of alarms to help in detecting any drop in temperature or water leakage. Many of these types of detectors can be programmed to call and notify the homeowner in case of any abnormality.

Placing Night Lights throughout your home is another way to keep your home safe

Another tip for keeping a safer home is as  easy as purchasing and placing night lights  throughout your home or apartment. For  those with families with young children, it is  important to place them in major hallways  and bedrooms. They can also be helpful in  dark closets to increase visibility and help to  prevent falling objects. Night lights are fairly inexpensive with prices ranging from $4 to $15.

All of these simple tips will help keep any apartment (Weber State Housing) or home a safer one. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will not only keep your home safe, but will also provide different health benefits. Keeping the recommended fire extinguisher in the home can help prevent small house fires. A safe home is a happy home.

5 Things You Should Ask Before You Rent An Apartment

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Most people will end up utilizing an apartment some time in their lives. With such a universal occurrence, most people never really think too much about it until it’s time to get one. From New York City apartments, to Weber apartments and those in LA, people all over the country, and really all over the world find themselves utilizing apartments. With that in mind, here’s 5 things that you should ask before you rent an apartment!

  1. Decorating

Can I decorate? Most people love moving into a new place and making it their own by painting, wallpapering and hanging pictures. This could make for a slight problem if you’re one of these people, as most apartments would have been freshly painted/decorated ready for a new tenant. Even if it hasn’t, it’s worth asking before signing anything as some landlords will charge you for anything other than normal wear and tear, such as holes in walls made by nails, stains on carpets, etc.

Make sure to check with your landlord to pre-approve any decorating before making any modifications to your apartment.

  1. Pets

Depending on where the apartment complex is located and how much land there is nearby can determine on whether or not you’ll be allowed certain pets, if any at all! Dogs, even though they’re man’s best friend, can cause a stir in apartment buildings, especially if you can’t be there with them 24/7. Barking and whining while you’re gone and not having an open back yard can lead to some accidents.. Causing stains and odours, not nice for your many neighbours! ..Or a happy landlord for that matter!

Some strict landlords may only allow you to keep a small fish tank for example, although some are quite open with pet allowances as long as you are reliable and can keep them tame.

It’s worth double checking, in case you get visitors that bring their pets for a night or two, or if you have or decide to get a pet yourself.

  1. Breaking the lease

Most leases are set for around a year, give or take and longer or shorter period of time if you can negotiate. Even if you’re happy in a steady long term job, you never know what will turn up out of the blue, leaving you stuck when you have no choice but to relocate. Before signing anything, make sure to ask about any penalties there are for breaking the lease, making sure to get them in writing! Verbal agreements won’t be applicable.

Some landlords will make it easy and let you give a 30-day written notice to vacate, but with this you could expect to forfeit your deposit, pay an amount equal to one month’s rent, pay a pro-rated amount of turnover costs, and pay for any damage or wear and tear done.

  1. Parking

Usually you’ll find that you will be assigned a parking spot, although if you’re a relatively sociable person that likes to host gatherings, it could be difficult finding parking spaces for them. If you’re lucky, the complex may have reserved guest parking. It’s best to query about where guests are able to park their vehicles, especially if it will come about often.

  1. Affording the accommodation

This is the biggest question you should ask yourself. You need to get out a pen and paper and crunch some numbers, time to start budgeting! Experts advise that people should spend no more than 35% of their wages on housing expenses. You may think this is no problem, but there’s so much you forget to take into account. There’s rent for a start, water rates, central heating/air conditioning, electricity, food, cable, car expenses – insurance, MOT, fuel, etc.. (Or travelling expenses), phone bill, the list really does go on! Plus, it’s always good to save a little back for emergency repairs and luxury items that you absolutely can’t live without! – Maybe it’s time to find a roommate?!


All in all, finding the perfect apartment isn’t as easy as it looks. But as long as you know what you’re looking for, your living boundaries and what you’re willing to give up, you can make it easy for yourself. For more information, you can also check out and their many resources on finding the perfect apartment. Good luck!


Having a Home Recording Studio Via Your iPad or iPhone

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music-recording-studioThe iPad and iPhone have continued to grow in usability as well as productivity and they have continued to become only more and more powerful and mobile. With that in mind, the iPad and iPhone are very capable of being used to create your own home recording studio. It doesn’t matter if you want a very professional sounding recording or are going after a more amateur one, they have apps and external devices for both. Here’s some tips on how to make your own recording studio using your iTech.

  1. Level of quality. This is where you need to start Are you going for a full-fledged recording studio sound and capability or for a more amateur – get the recording done and out of the way – focus? For instance, if you want to simple record a story for your child, that’s far different than if you want a full optimized recording of your bands demo and will create a different path which you’ll want to pursue in regards to how to setup your recording room in the house, which apps you would want to pursue and which external devices you may want.
  2. mzl.qmeueahx.350x350-75After you have determined the quality you’re going to target, the next step is to determine the software/app you’re going to utilize. Some of the best apps for a home recording studio are as follows:
    1. Garageband – This one is a little more fully featured – allowing you to record audio and edit it, add music beds and post/upload to iTunes, Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
    2. Music Studio – Heavy duty app with a lot of extensions and the ability to add-in a mic and plug-in recording options for a very solid digital audio workstation.
    3. BossJock Studio – The perfect all-in-one app. This one has gotten better throughout the years. This app allows, recording, intros/outros, bumpers, background music, file imports and has automatic ducking (background music becomes softer when you push a button to talk)
    4. Music Track DAW – This may very well be one of the best multi-track recording apps in iTunes as it can easily record 4, 8, 16, and 24 tracks simultaneously with lossless interface for some exceptional mixing options.
    5. AmpliTube – Another great mixer – although there are a lot of extra costs with this one. It does provide an easy interface that most musicians will be very comfortable with, but if you want the extras, you’re going to have to pay for it with this one.
    6. StudioMini XL Recording Studio– This one is a solid, straight forward multi-track recorder that is easy to use with a familiar interface similar to ones seen on desktop applications.
    7. Studio Track – Basic and easy. Focuses on 8 track recording and keeps it very clean and intuitive. Doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as the others, but it does provide ample features to do most recording studio endeavors.
  3. After you know the quality level you’re targeting and have the app, you can now pursue the external add-ins. Mostly this comes in the way of mics and instrumental plug-ins. If you were to visit Blue House Productions, a recording studio Virginia, you would see top of the line, high dollar mics. But they have to have the best in order to be the best. You may not be after that level and cheaper mics may work well no matter if you’re in Washington DC, Maryland, New York or Caifornia. Here’s a cross-section of popular mics that you may want to choose from.
    1. CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone
    2. RODE IXY
    3. Apogee MiC for iDevices
    4. Zoom iQ5 Stereo mic
    5. The Belkin iPhone Boom Mic

With the right recording apps, the soundboard you’re looking for and a good mic, you are ready to use your iPad to create your very own home recording studio. You can find any of the apps right at iTunes. Go out and have some fun mixing up some new music for your friends, family, and maybe even the world!


Getting The Right Apartment Pet

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petsMost people living in apartment situations do not get to enjoy the perks of having a furry companion around. Many landlords and leasing companies do not want to deal with the potential damages caused by pets. Furthermore, there are insurance reasons to consider. For example, if you are renting an apartment for 12 months with your dog, who is to say that the next tenant will not be allergic to dogs? Even so, with a little know-how, even a perpetual apartment inhabitant can enjoy a furry friend.

Weight Limit

Many apartments that permit pets still enforce a weight limit. The weight limit is usually 20-30 lbs. This equates to a cat or a small to medium sized dog. To be the devil’s advocate here, it actually shows an interest in the animal’s welfare, to limit the size of the pet. A large dog would not really have the lifestyle support it needs in a small apartment. Just think of a mastiff with no yard to run in, bumping into the coffee table every time he wants to take a little circular walk to make his bed comfy.


As mentioned before, many people rent apartments with pet allergies. Some progressive apartments complexes have separate wings or floors for pets. This is similar to smoking and non-smoking floors of a hotel. The proactive way for a tenant to negotiate the allergy argument is to get a hypo-allergenic animal. Some popular hypo-allergenic dog breeds include:

  • Bedington Terrier
  • Standard Poodle
  • Bichon Frise
  • Irish Water Spaniel
  • Chinese Hairless Dogs
  • Kerry Blue Terrier
  • Labradoodle (Lab and Poodle cross)
  • Maltese
  • Portuguese Water Dog
  • Schnauzers
  • Soft-coated Wheaton Terrier

Hypoallergenic Cats

There aren’t as many options in the Cat family but there are still a few:

  • Devon Rex Cat
  • Sphynx Cat

Size and Apartment Amenities

It is important to be familiar with your apartment’s amenities and layout before getting a pet. Some things to consider would be: Is the apartment near a busy road? Is there a fenced grass area? Are there appropriate dog walking areas within a reasonable distance? Are there other pets? How big are the rooms in the apartment? And so forth. Being considerate of your pet’s needs should be a top priority.

Great Container Garden Ideas

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Container gardening has tons of benefits over in-ground gardening. With a container housed plant, you have the freedom to move the garden to sun, shade, or wherever you like. You also get more control over the contents of the soil. Container gardens keep pests away from your plants much more reliably than traditional in ground garden set ups as well. Save money when you use recycled items to house your plants. Pretty much anything can become a glorious habitat for any plant. This article shows you some beautiful and unique container garden ideas that go above and beyond your standard container garden.

Budget Containers

Looking to save money on your garden? By using items from around the house, or the thrift store, you can easily set up a productive garden, with just the cost of dirt. Some popular containers for gardens include:

  • 5 Gallon Paint Buckets
  • Pallets
  • Old easter baskets
  • Egg cartons
  • Boxes

With any container, make sure you can drill or poke drainage holes so you don’t swamp your plants. Always line the bottom with some sort of porous material like large pebbles. Then put your garden soil on top of that. This increases drainage and won’t rot your plants.

Unique Containers

desk container garden
An old desk can be painted and planted.
Shoes can be repurposed to hold plant babies.
Shoes can be repurposed to hold plant babies.
Egg carton
Egg carton
Bathtub art garden.
Bathtub art garden.