Why You Need a Maid Service Salt Lake City

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landscape-1434147736-50-cleaning-tipsThere are many reasons why a Home A. U. V. I. reader might require the services of a maid service Salt Lake City immediately. The first and most obvious reason is that the Home A. U. V. I. reader in question has a home that is constantly in an extremely messy state. As we speak, piles of dirty clothes lie strewn across the floor in random patterns. There are dirty dishes in the sink. The counter tops are encrusted with grime and the bathrooms are approaching health hazard territory. But the biggest problem of all is that the Home A. U. V. I. reader is depressed about this situation and he or she does not even know it.


By hiring a maid service the Home A. U. V. I. reader will immediately experience a lift in his or her mood. The piles of dirty clothes will be picked up and thrown into the washing machine where they most definitely belong. The dirty dishes will be washed, dried and properly put away. The encrusted counter tops will be wiped down and disinfected. And the bathrooms will be attended to and brought back to a healthier state.

Once all these issues have been attended to by the maid service the Home A. U. V. I. reader will experience a sense of relief and his or her mood will lift. His or her mood will lift because the worry that once festered in the back of his or her mind about the current state of his or her living situation will dissipate. Moreover, the knowledge that the maid service will return on an ongoing and regular basis will assure him or her that the worry will not return. This is why the Home AUVI reader needs to hire a maid service.

Can Water Damage Ogden Be A Good Thing?

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streamIt might sound like a strange question to ask, but is it possible for water damage Ogden to be a good thing? This question sounds strange because at first blush most people would naturally hold the opinion that water damage in any form or location is a bad thing. We have possessions that we want to maintain their value. When they become damaged by water or anything else they will loose their value. This state of affairs is unacceptable. But what if there could be a situation where water damage might even be a preferrable state of affairs? Kinda makes you think doesn’t it.


Okay, so the loyal readers of the Home AUVI Blog want to know. How can water damage ever be good. The answer to this question is a little nuanced. There are the obvious examples of insurance windfalls but that is not what I am talking about here. No, that is not what I am talking about at all. Not by a long stretch. So what then am I talking about? Well, it might be a bit of a moon shot to intend to convey this concept within the three paragraphs of a three hundred word (approximately) total blog post. But aim for the moon I will. What else will I do with my life?

And this really gets to the heart of what I am trying to convey here. That is, that we all find ourselves thrown into this reality. We find ourselves in a situation where we must ask ourselves just what exactly we should do with our time here. If we can make the choice to do anything reasonably possible why not shoot for the moon? The easy answer to this question is of course we should shoot for the moon and that is exactly what I intend to do.

Your Home as it Relates to Auto Body Repair Salt Lake City

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BrainAnd now we tackle the most serious subject of how your home relates to auto body repair Salt Lake City. To some of the Home AUVI readers the initial sentence to this blog post might not make sense. For one thing, by all appearances it does not seem to be grammatically correct. For another, there is no obvious reason as to why a home might relate to auto body repar (let alone this type of repair in the specific locale of Salt Lake City). Moreover, one might reasonably wonder why this subject (if indeed it is a coherent subject) is of any importance whatsoever.


Obviously these are all reasonable inquiries for the reader of this blog post to make. Frankly, I the author would like some clarification as to these inquiries as well. The unfortunate reality in this situation is that although we all would very much like some insight into these questions more often than not no answers are readily forthcoming. But if we allow ourselves the time and freedom to ponder and sit with this reality we might arrive at a location of acceptance. That is, we must learn to accept the fact that reality is a mystery.

Now I fully understand that this assertion will not be satisfactory to the bulk of the Home AUVI Blog readers. On the surface level we long for a certainty as to the nature of reality. We want the world to make sense in other words. But here lies one of the noble truths that the Buddha articualted so long ago. Life is suffering. When he articulated this truth he did not necessarily mean physical suffering (although that is certainly a part of it). No what he meant by this is that within the state of our present existence there will always be a gulf between what we want to experience and what we actually do experience.

The Dirty Secret About House Cleaning Vancouver

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Copyright Eliot Cohen - Zeitgeist Photography email: eliot@zeitgeist.com.au
Copyright Eliot Cohen – Zeitgeist Photography
email: eliot@zeitgeist.com.au

Many people know all there is to know about house cleaning but very few people know the dirty secret about house cleaning Vancouver. This is true because there is a wide gulf seperating house cleaning and the house cleaning that exists in the city of Vancouver. The fact that you the reader of the Home AUVI Blog is not aware of this only serves to prove the point that this information has been kept a secret. This is not to say, however, that this information will remain a secret forever. Rather the point that I am trying to presently articulate is that the information is presently not known by most and in this respect could be considered a secret.

What is the Dirty Secret About House Cleaning Vancouver?

At this point in the article the Home AUVI reader will be eagerly awaiting this information so as to transform was is currently a secret into knowledge that is readily accessable. Before this information has been transferred it must first be explained why this secret is in fact a “dirty” one. Part of this is simply a play on words. This is an article about house cleaning so to talk about a dirty secret in relation to house cleaning is a bit of a pun.

Perhaps “pun” is not the correct word, however, there is little doubt that the average Home AUVI Blog reader will understand just what it is I am trying to say and the humor I am attempting to employ. But here we are in the third paragraph and still this information has not been transferred. That is certainly a problem that must be properly addressed before this blog post is over. As such I as the content creator shall certainly make the transfer of this information one of the top priorities on my to do list.

The Post Holiday Need for Electrician Ogden

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LED-Night-Light-GAL000-NightLight.GalleryThere is and always will be a post holiday need for an electrician Ogden. Home AUVI Blog junkies will need no explanation as to what the title of this blog post refers to. We now find ourselves on the other side of Christmas and are in a better position to take stock of what has happened. In the lead up to Christmas there is too much frantic energy to maintain a proper awareness of what exactly is going on. Now that we find ourselves in the aftermath of Christmas our minds are no longer clouded by all that mental distraction.

Electrician Ogden

There are opened boxes and random scraps of wrapping paper lying about. Perhaps there is a garbage bag full of wrapping debris that has yet to be taken out to the garbage pail. But more important to the subject matter of this blog post there is likely to be more than a few light bulbs that have gone dark in the various strings of lights wrapped around the tree. Now, I am not here to say that an electrician is needed to fix this particular problem. However, those burnt out bulbs should serve as a reminder to hire an electrician to fix those more substantial electrical issues that perhaps were put to the side in favor of attending to the festive Christmas preparations.

Well, as previously indicated, Christmas is now behind us and those irritating issues related to reality that we were able to temporarily dismiss in favor of more pressing matters have now pushed themselves to the forefront. They must now be attended to or else they will become larger and more expensive problems down the road. As all the Home AUVI Blog junkies are well aware, electrical problems are nothing to leave to their own devices.

Rain Causes Water Damage Utah

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streamIt is no secret that rain is composed of a molecule which in turn is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. This of course describes the water molecule. Obviously the water molecule is responsible for causing water damage Utah. Few people without a background in chemistry know the reason why water can cause damage to materials exposed to it. The simple answer to this vexing question is because the oxygen atom has a number of valences. A valence is essentially an extra electron that is open to bond to another molecule. It is in its ability to bond with other molecules that makes water so damaging.

This is because when a water molecule bonds to another atom such as iron (for example) it changes that atom into a new molecule. In the case of iron expose to water the new molecule becomes iron oxide or what is commonly known as rust. This is also true for wood. Wood is a bit more complicated (from a molecular stand point than iron which is an element unto itself) but essentially the same process is happening. Water bonds to the molecules in the wood and change its chemical composition. From our perspective, this water damage Utah causes wood to rot.

Rain is a common element of nature. Without rain we cannot grow vegetation. Obviously water is essential for the sustenance of life. But like everything else in nature there are two sides to this coin. The same properties that allow water to sustain life are the very same properties that can cause damage to wooden or metal structures. Nature is both simple and complex. Often the efforts of man work at cross purposes to nature’s intentions. But all this together creates the fabric of existence within this very mysterious reality.

Freezing Pipes

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Copyright Eliot Cohen - Zeitgeist Photography email: eliot@zeitgeist.com.au
Copyright Eliot Cohen – Zeitgeist Photography
email: eliot@zeitgeist.com.au

The technology commonly known as the heat trace is a type of tape that can be applied to a pipe heat it and prevent it from freezing in cold weather. This technology can be commonly found in homes that are not properly insulated to prevent pipes from freezing in the winter. The use of this technology allows for the home owner to avoid the added expense of insulating and heating the areas where the pipes are located. We see this often in rooms that have been subsequently added on to houses after its initial construction. As such we see this commonly in older homes and in lower income areas.

This was exactly the situation I experienced in the first house that I owned in in the Roxborough area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My wife and I bought a row house with a room that had been added on to it in the back subsequent to its initial construction. This added room happened to be a bathroom with a shower and toilet. The first winter we lived in this house we discovered that the extra room was not properly heated or insulated. Because of this the pipes supplying water to the shower froze and burst.

Had my wife and I been more knowledgable home owners we would have realized the impending issue we would have to face. We did know that the room was improperly insulated because it was much colder than the rest of the house during the winter. We did not however put two and two together and realize that we needed to do something to prevent the pipes from freezing. The use of a heat trace could have potentially solved this problem. Also running the water at a low level seems to also work but not at extremely low temperatures.

Acceptance of Life Experience

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landscape-1434147736-50-cleaning-tipsMany of the Home AUVI blog readers are also looking for house cleaning Vancouver. This would make good and proper sense for those readers who live in the city limits of Vancouver. It makes somewhat less sense for those Home AUVI blog readers who do not live in Vancouver. Although this cognitive dissonance can be averted by considering the possibility that the Home AUVI blog readers who do not live in Vancouver are arranging to have houses cleaned that are actually located in the city of Vancouver. But the question then arises as to why these people who are not located in Vancouver are performing this service.

One possibility as to why a Home AUVI blog reader who does not live in the city of Vancouver would be looking for house cleaning Vancouver would be that they operate or work for a business that provide this service to other people. This would only make sense if there are people living inside the city of Vancouver who are looking for house cleaning services but for some reason are unable to arrange for it on their own. The subsequent next question then arises as to why these people would not be able to perform this service for themselves.

Another possibility as to why a Home AUVI blog reader who does not live within the city limits of Vancouver would be looking for house cleaning services within the city of Vancouver might be that for some reason they want to clean other people’s houses. The reason why they would want this to happen remains a mystery. But it is possible that the reader of this particular blog post can remain in a state of acceptance of this present state of affairs. There are many experiences in life that are not fully understood and yet we all continue living.

The Inevitable Finish Line

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drum2Sometimes when I walk along a gurgling stream I tend to think about appliances designed to produce heat. A drum heater is an example of just such an appliance. The loyal readers of the Home AUVI Blog know that this type of appliance can also be called a band heater, a barrel heater, a container heater or a canister heater. This appliance can be used to reduce the viscosity of various liquids and gels by heating them in order to fill, pump or bottle the respective liquid. It is also used to prevent liquids from freezing while inside the drum. There are many types of liquids these appliances are designed to heat including but not limited to tar, varnish, resin, grease, chocolate and or galantine. These appliances are available for drums capable of holding between twenty and two hundred and twenty liters.

All these thoughts swirl in my head much like the water swirling in the eddies of the gurgling stream I walk along. Sometimes there is a chill to the air. This causes my body to become cold. When I enter this state of mind I find myself fantasizing about climbing into a drum heated by a drum heater. I picture myself curled up in a ball inside the drum like a fetus in a womb. Inside this protective shell my chattering mind begins to slow and eventually quiet down.

This is why I walk along side the gurgling stream. The world is too hectic and the burden of worry and thought begins to drag me down and exhaust me. My existence becomes a wearying and toilsome affair. I wonder what it will be like to shed this ego shell that I have inhabited for the past forty-five years of life. The thought of shedding my ego is scary but this is a finish line I know I will cross at some point.

Answering Questions About the ASVAB

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armed-forces-logoThe Home AUVI blog is constantly receiving requests from many of our loyal readers to provide information regarding the ASVAB test. Accordingly, in this blog post we will take the time to finally provide information on this important subject. First of all, the acronym ASVAB stands for the “Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery.” This is a test administered by the U. S. Armed services to all candidates for enlistment in any branch of the U. S. Armed Services including the U. S. Army, the U. S. Navy, the U. S. Marines Corps, the U. S. Air Force, the U. S. Coast Guard and the U. S. National Guard.

Because a career in the U. S. Armed Services can be an exciting and rewarding life experience it is very important to perform well on the ASVAB. Accordingly, it is very important for the candidate for enlistment in the U. S. Armed Services to properly prepare beforehand. Many people who have performed successfully on the ASVAB report preparing for the test by taking multiple versions of the ASVAB practice test. By taking a practice version of the ASVAB, the candidate for enlistment will become familiarized with the test format as well as learn which of the ten subject areas covered by the ASVAB will require additional focus in order to optimize performance on the day of the test.

Like the ASVAB test itself, the ASVAB practice test covers the same ten distinct subject areas. These subject areas include (1) General Science (GS), (2) Arithmetic Reasoning (AR),
(3) Word Knowledge (WK), (4) Paragraph Comprehension (PC), (5) Mathematics Knowledge (MK), (6) Electronics Information (EI), (7) Auto & Shop Information (AS), and (8) Mechanical Comprehension (MC). The test itself is comprised of two sections. The first section of the ASVAB is a standardized multiple choice exam. The second section of the ASVAB is a written format.

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