Can Water Damage Ogden Be A Good Thing?

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streamIt might sound like a strange question to ask, but is it possible for water damage Ogden to be a good thing? This question sounds strange because at first blush most people would naturally hold the opinion that water damage in any form or location is a bad thing. We have possessions that we want to maintain their value. When they become damaged by water or anything else they will loose their value. This state of affairs is unacceptable. But what if there could be a situation where water damage might even be a preferrable state of affairs? Kinda makes you think doesn’t it.


Okay, so the loyal readers of the Home AUVI Blog want to know. How can water damage ever be good. The answer to this question is a little nuanced. There are the obvious examples of insurance windfalls but that is not what I am talking about here. No, that is not what I am talking about at all. Not by a long stretch. So what then am I talking about? Well, it might be a bit of a moon shot to intend to convey this concept within the three paragraphs of a three hundred word (approximately) total blog post. But aim for the moon I will. What else will I do with my life?

And this really gets to the heart of what I am trying to convey here. That is, that we all find ourselves thrown into this reality. We find ourselves in a situation where we must ask ourselves just what exactly we should do with our time here. If we can make the choice to do anything reasonably possible why not shoot for the moon? The easy answer to this question is of course we should shoot for the moon and that is exactly what I intend to do.